10 Surefire Ways To Get By At Work With No Sleep

10 Surefire Ways To Get By At Work With No Sleep

By Metro UK on July 21, 2015
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It happened again didn’t it.

You went to bed with the intention to sleep but spent all night tossing and turning.

Either that or you went out on a school night.

Now you’re knackered and the thought of work makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and weep gently.

We feel your pain. But don’t worry. Next time just follow this ultimate guide to recovering from an all-nighter at work, according to science.

1. Don’t hit snooze

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No! (Picture: Getty)

Don’t even think about punching another hole in the sleep ticket – science says that extra ten minutes does nothing for you.

2. Eat within an hour of waking up

It ups your mood and cognition. But no sugar, it’ll give you a crash later.


Eye contact and body language is the secret to getting laid, apparently

A strong cup of Joe takes around half an hour to kick in. But don’t down more than one in the morning because it’ll build up your tolerance to caffeine.

4. Get outside and don’t wear sungalsses

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Bright, natural light raises your body temperature and amps up your alertness.

5. Do the serious stuff first

The first three hours at work are key. You’re not going to be this alert again during the day so get the hard stuff done first when you’re at work.


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7. Lunch of grains veggies and protein

Steer clear of the sugar, again, you don’t want an afternoon crash – the drowsiest time of day.


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But don’t drink any more after 3pm. Caffeine stays in out system for seven hours, so any coffee after that hour may give you another sleepless night.

9. Simple, busy work in the afternoon

Fire through emails and take on tasks that are ten minutes long, no more. Our concentration is at its worst in the afternoon.

10. Get out the office early

Dependent on how well you get on with your boss.

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