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12 Useful Things You Can Do With Nail Polish (Besides Beauty)

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1. Colour code your keys

So, you have a ‘key’ concern. All your keys — those of your house, drawer and closet look similar. Just colour each key with a different-hued nail polish. Easy-peasy!

2. Labelling your spices
Powdered cumin seeds, coriander seeds and garam masala look the same to an amateur cook. Why not label your spice bottles? Waterproof those labels with a swipe of clear polish to protect them from dampness.

3. Seal an envelope
Just when you need to seal an envelope, did the glue stick decide to pull a vanishing act? Try dabbing some clear nail polish on the corners of the envelope.

4. A thread-and-needle situation
Don’t we all struggle to get the thread through the eye of the needle? Lightly dip the end of your thread in nail polish. This will make it harder and easier to pull through the needle.

5. Safeguard jewellery
Most of us love junk jewellery, but not everyone’s skin takes to it well. Have you observed how often your skin turns green after wearing that fancy ring or chunky necklace? Prevent it by painting a clear coat of polish on the side that comes into contact with your skin. Stone embellishments on dresses are delicate, so apply a coat of clear nail varnish to prevent them from falling. You can also do this for your costume jewellery.

6. Stick shoe laces
The ends of shoelaces have an uncanny knack of unraveling, rendering them useless in no time. You can either burn the ends or better still, coat them with nail polish. For a fun twist, give clear nail polish a miss and go for coloured ends.

7. Tighten loose screws
Remember that screw on the handle of your toolbox that loosens up all the time? Well, apply a coat of nail polish after tightening the screws. They won’t come off for a long time.

8. Paint your shoe soles
Give your plain, old soles a fresh lease of life by painting them in vibrant hues. Try turquoise blue and neon orange or go for red soles.

9. Smooth splinters
Sometimes, your clothes get stuck in those annoying bits of wood jutting out of furniture or wardrobe. Just smooth them down and apply a coat or two of clear nail polish. This should help until the handyman fixes the problem.

10. Avoid tears
You noticed a teeny-tiny hole in your leggings after you have left from home. Now, what do you do? Grab a bottle of clear nail varnish and apply a little on the edges of the tear. This will prevent the frayed edges from widening further.

11. Prevent tarnish
Apply a coat of clear nail polish to your belt buckles to prevent them from tarnishing.

12. Secure buttons
It is extremely embarrassing when buttons come off your blouse at unexpected moments. Here’s what to do — secure them with a coat of nail polish.

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