12 Reasons Kissing Is Better Than Sex

12 Reasons Kissing Is Better Than Sex

By Metro UK on October 15, 2015
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In these days of emoji roses, pre-teen sexting and kaiju porn, the humble kiss can be forgotten.

But remember the days when you were 13 and just got interested in boys and would snog your ‘forever’ love for hours on the back of the bus?

When any kind of kiss was serious stuff and a snog was the equivalent to full sex? (Any kind of further fumbling meant you were REALLY grown up.)

Well maybe your younger self was right to get so excited about kissing.

Here’s 12 reasons kissing is better than sex.

1. It means more than sex

The old myth prostitutes don’t kiss isn’t true but is there for a reason – kissing is arguably the more intimate act.

2. But you can do it with other people and not get dumped

I mean it depends on the degree and who with.

Your other half probably won’t be over the moon with you snogging their sister at your wedding. But still.

3. You can do it in public without getting arrested

Which is handy

4. You can kiss everyone

Especially if you’re French or work in PR/fashion/the media.

5. There are so many types

The quick peck on the cheek for a friend or colleague (see above) to the first date kiss right up to full-on foreplay.

6. It’s the best kind of foreplay

To the extent that  ‘just kissing’ can be the main event. Haven’t you heard of an orgasmic kiss?

7. It’s an expression of love

Much more innocent than doing the nasty.

8. It’s an expression of hate

Judas kiss, anyone?

9. Your first kiss was better than your first time in the sack


10. A one-night kiss is way less of a big deal


11. You can’t get pregnant 

Double yay!

12. It’s the sparkle that signifies a life-long union

The wedding kiss is one shining, perfect moment.

Surrounded by friends and family, that kiss means love, happiness and devotion.

Long live the kiss!

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