Women Need To Stop Doing These 16 Things (According To Men)

Women Need To Stop Doing These 16 Things (According To Men)

By Metro UK on October 15, 2015
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Who understands women better than men on the internet?

A Reddit user invited men to suggest what ladies need to stop doing and the responses ranged from the misguided right through to the downright misogynist.

As users added to a growing list of mind boggling advice for the females in their lives, we gathered a collection of some that are just crying out for a shaming. Don’t worry, we’ve not named names, so if you are part of this thread, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

We’re not talking about the uninspiring trolling attempts (aka ‘stop voting’, ‘stop driving’ and ‘stop bleeding out your vagina’) – they’re not even worth acknowledgement.

But some entries seem to be genuine opinions and paint a worrying picture of attitudes towards women. These are just some of the suggestions from men online which make me a little bit ashamed to share their gender.

Tip 1: ‘Stop being indecisive and getting upset at men for making a decision you don’t like!’

Because men’s words are final and should never be questioned, okay?

Tip 2: ‘Don’t give me a lecture on feminism then when I treat you as an equal, harp on about chivalry being dead.’

The point of feminism may have been slightly lost on this chap. It actually is about a lot more than whether to open a door for someone or not.

Tip 3: ‘Stop having dreams of us cheating on you and then treating us like it really happened?’

How regularly does this occur?

Tip 4: ‘Stop pretending to be stupid. It’s not attractive.’

Because the primary objective of women is to be attractive to men. Hey, at least she has to pretend.

Tip 5: ‘Stop demanding to know every other female on my contact list.’

Okay, so long as she can have a mile long list of male friends that she wants to be secret from you. Something to hide?

Tip 6: ‘Stop nagging’

Oh, okay then. But only AFTER you’ve taken the bins out. Deal?

Tip 7: ‘Stop playing hard to get. I’ll just give up.’

Let’s just allow the female community to mourn this loss for a moment.

Tip 8: ‘Stop acting cute unless you actually are.’

Define cute. Isn’t it subjective?

Tip 9: ‘Stop ordering a salad then trading half of my steak and giving me half a salad in return.’

That’s a pretty specific gripe. But sharing is caring!

Tip 10: ‘Stop using cruel emotional manipulation (bad moods, silent treatment) to blackmail your significant other into purchasing material possessions for you’

Spoiler: women can make money to buy things too.

Tip 11: ‘Stop talking about equality but still expect us to pay for everything.’

Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you back there in the 19th century.

Tip 12: ‘Stop dancing on points – it ruins your toes and foot structure.’

There’s a doctor in the room. At least this person cares.

Tip 13: ‘Stop expecting us to give a f*** about what your friends are doing’

It’s easy to forget that the world revolves around you.

Tip 14: ‘Stop rejecting me!’

The key to this could be this useful counter-tip: ‘stop saying thinks like the above thirteen sentences.’

Tip 15: ‘Stop being so hard on yourself regarding your looks. If we’re sleeping with you, you’re hot to us’

Err…awwww. Maybe?

Tip 16: ‘Ladies, don’t listen. You’re fine as you are.’

For every cart of bad apples, you will find a Golden Delicious. Well said, lone Redditor.

Now, is it the ladies’ turn to tell us where we’re going wrong? This list should give women a good starting point for a response thread.

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