4 Important Facts That Could Help You Prevent Diabetes

4 Important Facts That Could Help You Prevent Diabetes

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Diabetes is dangerous before you ever know you have it.  And after diagnosis, it gets even worse, but you can prevent it from being this way.  Stats show that nearly 20 million people are suffering from this disease in America alone.  Most diabetics don’t even know the full dangers of their condition.  But the facts are that complications due to this ailment reduce life expectancy by ten years on average.

But why are people with diabetes living shorter lives? There are many reasons, and I will cover them in this article.

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What kind of complications does diabetes cause?

Due to the excess of sugar in the body cells, over time the body begins to have complications ranging from the numbness of hands and feet, coronary artery disease, vascular disease, the loss of vision, kidney failure and much more.

In the early stages of diabetes, the symptoms are not present our barely noticeable. Unless checked in a routine exam pre-diabetes is not detectable. Stats show that nearly five million people have the illness and don’t even know it.

If I have diabetes, am I doomed to have the complications?

Some solutions can help with diabetes and its complications such as the Halki diabetes remedy which is a natural remedy that helps stabilise blood glucose levels.  Using this remedy, combined with a strict diet and regular exercise, can increase your life expectancy and reduce the negative effects that diabetes has on the body.

What causes diabetes?

Genes, unfortunately, you can’t change this if it runs in the family chances are that you will get it.

Obesity, eating too much sugar or carbs can cause diabetes.

Sedentarism, if you are not physically active, you increase your chances of getting this illness.

Ethnicity, this is the same as genetics but on a larger scale.

Age, as you get older, your body has more difficulty processing sugar.

Can it be prevented completely?

Unfortunately, unless you have a perfect diet and exercise many hours every day, you will eventually get the disease if you are predisposed to having diabetes.  Preventing diabetes means eating no deserts or fruits that have a lot of sugar such as grapes, not drinking beer or wine, having no candy or soda (even diet soda is not good for people with diabetes ) and staying away from empty carbs such as pasta or white rice.

Once you do develop diabetes, some things can help. Natural remedies can help process sugar. Exercise helps regulate blood glucose. Of course, there is always insulin, but I like to see it as a last resource. There are also other types of medication that can help with the disease.

Prevention is always better than a cure if you can stop your blood glucose levels from getting too high you won’t need medication. The Halki diabetes remedy can be used to prevent your symptoms from occurring, naturally eliminating the need for insulin or medication.


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