4 Steps To Planning A Plan A Hunting Trip

4 Steps To Planning A Plan A Hunting Trip

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There’s nothing better than incorporating your favorite hobby into a weekend away, being able to do what you love whilst traveling is a great way to make lasting memories and enjoy new experiences with friends and family. There is however a little bit of planning required when taking your hunting hobby to a new state or country, so make sure you’ve ticked these items off the list before you depart.

Hunting gear guns

Which game are you going to hunt?

Firstly, which game animal is your trip focusing on? This will influence many factors of your trip, so it is essential to make a decision here first. Will you be hunting big game such as elk, deer, boar, and caribou or small game such as squirrel, hare or rabbit?

Hunting upland birds may mean you’ll want to bring your gun dog which will have an impact on travel plans and other hunting game such as predators and fur bearers will only be found in certain locations. Decide what you would like to hunt on your trip and stick to it, it will make further decision making a lot easier.

When and where are you going to book your trip?

When you know which game animal you are going to hunt, start to research the best locations to travel to and the prime time of year to visit. You’ll want to make the most of your trip and getting these details right should help avoid disappoint.

From Florida to Colorado, Arizona to Alaska, many different terrains and climates are home to a variety of game in both remote and more populated areas. Choose whether you want to feel out in the wild or if you’d prefer a hunting lodge with an organized host and guide.

Hunting gear guns

What are you going to pack?

When travel plans have been confirmed, you can start to purchase and organize essentials for your trip. Even though they’re not always required in every state, safety gear such as blaze orange jackets and hats should be a priority on the packing list.

Next, think about the climate you’ll be hunting in. Will you need lightweight, breathable gear or the best cold weather hunting clothes instead? Hunting waterfowl will require multiple items of waterproof clothing to ensure you keep dry and warm.

Hunting gear guns

Have you covered all the laws and regulations required?

Hunting laws do vary from place to place, so make sure you’re fully educated before you depart. Make sure hunting licenses are valid where you’re going and find out if your hunting equipment can be imported. You may need to rent items when you’re there. Some game animals cannot be hunted outside of a specific season, so it is imperative to check you’re not breaking the law.

Answering all these questions will ensure your trip runs smoothly without any hiccups and your time can be spent enjoying new landscapes and experiences. Traveling for your hobby should be an enjoyable time but can be stressful and disappointing if advanced planning is not completed first.


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