5 Effective Strategies To Find Good Employees

5 Effective Strategies To Find Good Employees

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on November 16, 2018
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Finding good employees is getting more difficult every day. If in the past HR companies experienced multiple obstacles when they were recruiting employees for companies, nowadays for some working sectors this task seems impossible. Or, at least for some HR experts. Well, if you are having a hard time to find a good employee for your open position here are some strategies that can help you. You have to make a difference between average employees and good employees, because it is easy to find average employees, but if you want employees able to complete their tasks successfully, you have to use the best strategies available.

LinkedIn is a great resource for candidates

The LinkedIn page can be used for multiple purposes, but its main one is to help you create a network. It offers you the possibility to connect with people worldwide. You should connect with your employees and partners on LinkedIn, to help you broaden your network. When you are looking for new employees, the first thing you have to do is to ask your employees to recommend you people who work the industry, because they definitely know an expert on the same position, but from another company. Once you get their name, you will only have to use the LinkedIn platform to find them. Also, you can make use of their backgrounds and skills to search for other candidates with the advanced search function this platform has.

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Find mutual connections

Sometimes you do not have to search outside your connections for new employees. You already have your own offline network. You have former employees, former colleagues, friends, relatives and people who have knowledge in your domain. They know you and your values, and they can recommend you candidates who would be fit to occupy the new position you have. Use all social media platforms you have available in your country to see if you have mutual connections you can consider candidates.

Make sure your job position attracts talented and skilled candidates

When you decide to create a new job position in your company, you have to make sure that the description attracts the right candidates. You know what requirements you have from that job, and what tasks the candidate has to complete, but you have to put yourself in their place. What do candidates want when they apply for a new job? The salary is not the only factor that makes them decide to choose a certain company. They want to make sure that they will get along with their colleagues, that the company shares the same values as they do, and that it respects its employees.

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Email marketing can help you reach new candidates

More and more companies nowadays use email marketing to find candidates for their open positions. Every company has resumes and data from candidates who were passed over a job, because they did not meet certain requirements at that moment. But, you can check the resumes again because some of the former candidates have the right skills for your new job position. They may have acquired new skills, and they may have experience, you can use. Use email marketing to send your offer to multiple candidates who could meet the requirements you have now, and you may find the right employee faster than you imagine. This is one of the best employment solutions you have.

Use social media

Social media is the best tool companies can use to reach passive candidates. People get accustomed to their job, and they do not search actively for a new one. But if they find an opportunity, you can make sure they will not miss it. But if you use social media pages to share your job ad, then you can reach passive candidates who have the right skills and talents for your job. Nowadays, everyone has a social media page, and you can take advantage of the targeting features these platforms have, to make your ads reach the right audience.

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Target your competitor’s employees

Sometimes the best strategy is to attract your competitors to work for you. If you make a list with your competitor companies, you have a list with possible candidates. Depending on the job, you have available; candidates can come not only from the companies that work in the same industry as you do, but also from other industries. You use a people search program to find what companies are your competitors on the market and contact the persons who have a similar title with the one you need.

This is one of the best strategies, you can use, even if it is one of the most aggressive ones, and it can bring you multiple enemies. The majority of these persons are passive candidates, and it may take some time until they decide if they will accept the position or not. But the greatest advantage you get if you use this strategy is that your candidates have the right knowledge and experience for your job. If you do not hurry to occupy your open position, this can be a great way to recruit new employees.

HR outsourcing

You do not need an HR department to work full time in your company, but when recruiting new employees, a team of experts can help you more than you imagine. Hiring new employees has its risks, and an HR professional will be able to prevent you from experiencing them. For example, labour and employment laws change constantly and you may have no clue on the latest regulations. HR outsourcing is the best solution in this case. They will make sure to check your company policies and to maintain them when they recruit people for a job position. Outsourcing the HR department is a cost effective solution, because you do not have to pay extra employees for a long period of time, when you do not need their services. HR experts are efficient; they have huge databases of candidates, so they can almost instantly find you candidates for your new job. They will check your criteria, and they will filter the list of candidates they have, according to the factors you consider important.


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