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5 Reasons Why Buhari’s Ministerial List Is Bad For Nigeria (READ)

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by Toroko Amos

APC supporters who are ready to continuously eat and lick the Bumbum proceed of Buhari and flush it down with the juice flowing from his nostrils must understand this, That people died during Mr Buhari struggle to become President, innocent promising youth corp members lost their lives, houses and properties worth billions were destroyed.

Buhari begged Nigerians, he campaigned round the country, cried and rubbished those in the presidency then on national television, this happened consecutively for 12 good years, He made promises to bring Change to Nigerian and Nigerians. He has finally landed the Job, Buhari is Mr. President today, not ANPP, CPC or APC candidate anymore. Let analyse the ministerial list along four key areas and see why Buhari should be called to order.

Corruption; Buhari promised Nigerians that only credible Nigerians with impeccable characters will dominate his cabinet, Same reason they gave for crucifying Saraki the senate president, As usual with PMB and his campaign promises, Buhari broke the promise , Seeing names like Amaechi and Fashola ( 25transamadi, monorail and website construction ) who under their watch Lagos and Rivers were competing for the most corrupts state in Nigeria comes to mind, Buhari’s slogan that ” if Nigerians don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria” has becomes meaningless.

Economy: At a time of austerity and bailouts, most states struggling to pay workers salaries, many states withdrawing free health care, rising inflation, sky rocketing unemployment, investors fleeing the stock market, The list has no reputable world class name that can make a turn around of the economy as promised, I will wail, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala cannot be replaced with Dr. Fayemi Kayode who left Ekiti State under a burden debt, no project justify huge debts.

Age: The average age of the nominees is 52, because the young people are not ready for leadership, no fresh blood, they only marry our age mates to warm their bed, we don’t deserve positions in govt. Really? “In 1973, the older Saraki (Olusola) screened Audu Ogbe as a Minister. 36 years later, his son Saraki will screen Ogbe again. Are we cursed?” Asked my friend Fejiro Oliver who campaigned for Buhari, A man who was HOS 30years plus ago.

Gender: How many ladies made the list, how about the promise to keep to the 35% affirmative action for women, like it or not, women are very important and vital to successful teams, Buhari’s cabinet need a mix of brilliant women. Gone are the days societies keep women from playing active role in governance, remind Buhari that the world has changed, no more western Germany.

Nigerians must call Buhari to order now, we cannot waste these four years doing same things we have been doing in the last 55 years of our free existence, settling political merchants who see public office as a life career till death bid them pact is unacceptable,

Buhari promised Nigerians “Change”, only to take us back in the very hands of our predators dating back 36years till date, most of whom were before now politically displaced persons, Buhari has finally allowed political merchants to use him as vehicle to plunder our national wealth.

“Jonathan destroyed Nigeria” is no longer sellable, call me a “wailing wailer” no problem, remember December is coming like winter in the Games of Thrones TV, Buhari must keep the prices of foodstuff down from rising as the last administration did.

Wailing for a positive change.

Toroko Amos is a medical scientist, columnist, and public affairs commentator. You can reach him by email HERE.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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