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5 Things To Expect If You Are Living In A Politically Active City

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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]olitics have been a hot topic for the last six years, and it’s not slowing down now.  For some areas, politics are always at the forefront of discussion.  This means there’s no way to escape hearing about elections or misdeeds, so what can you expect while living there?  Here’s the rundown.

There’s No Conversation Without Politics

There’s a definitive rule to keep the conversation civil: you don’t bring up religion or politics.  In many busy cities, leaving out politics isn’t an option.  This is especially true if there’s an election occurring, and many find the results extremely interesting.

They’ll want to know how you voted, how you feel about the current climate, and why you feel that way.  Be prepared for small debates if you disagree, but generally, get to know your political leanings before moving to an area like this.

People of Every Age Are Active in Politics

Most of the country has a problem with getting younger people into politics.  Adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five are far less likely to vote or be politically active, leading to a poor voter turnout.

However, in more politically active cities, people of these ages can often be the loudest of all, making it clear that they’re taking their right to vote seriously and that they understand the modern political sphere.  This can be surprising for some but a breath of fresh air for others.

Many Are Louder About Political Views Than You’d Expect

In some areas, you don’t discuss who you voted for or what your political views are.  In others, you’ll be surprised where they’re brought up. For example, you could be moving into Washington DC apartments, and your neighbour may stop you from finding out if you align with their political ideas or may make a comment about politics you didn’t expect.  

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to disagree or fight after this information is shared, but it’s something that you should expect.

Voting Is Treated as Sacred

Voting is everyone’s right to be able to make their voice heard, but in a very politically active city, it’s treated like something more sacred. People are more likely to offer each other rides to the polls, jobs are more likely to offer you a couple of hours off to ensure you can go vote, and if you don’t vote, this information is met with disdain and unhappiness.

Any voting matters, whether it’s a local election or a massive nationwide one, so it’s important you research who’s on the ballots so that you can vote.

You May Notice Things Start To Feel Like Sports Teams

Although politics matter and we must do everything we can to keep yourselves aware of the constantly changing political climate: you may notice that because we live in a bipartisan society that the two main sides start to feel like sports teams and their fans.  

Although it’s more complex than this, and their views and how they treat people matters, there are plenty of comparisons that can be made: even down to jerseys and tee-shirts showing off who they favour politically.

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