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6 Important Safety Tips To Know Before You Join A Live Sex Cam Site

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he media often has reports of cyber frauds and relationship scammers. Fifty percent of online users receive at least one email from scammers. Dating and live sex cam sites are popular playgrounds for fraudsters. They assume that lonely people are more vulnerable and easier to dupe and so they sign up to these sites, armed with lies and fake IDs.

These days, it is dangerous to assume you are immune to the schemes of internet fraudsters. It is smarter to be cautious and to take measures to guard yourself while online and offline. Chances are that you might go from video-chats to physical hangouts with your favourite models or crushes on, for instance, FireCams. But how can you tell that they are really the sweethearts they have been online? How do you know they aren’t blackmailers, serial murders or traffickers? Like in the real world, the live sex cam world is a mixed bag. You have to be extremely careful if you want to have the lovely experience you envisaged.

The first step is selecting the safest online dating or live sex cam apps or sites. Do the proprietors have a dyed-in-the-wool safety crew? Yes, most of the best live sex cam sites or dating sites have such safety teams. And these are the kinds of sites you should choose. It is important to verify that there are fraud resolution and security experts who can guaranty your safety while you’re browsing their site for potential love interests or flings.

Even then, you have a responsibility to stay away from the dangerous smart Alecs who might have slipped past the gate-watchers. If you’re a cam model, don’t spend all your time buying the top ten sex toys for cam girls. Study the people you’re interacting with and ensure that they aren’t recording your videos so they can use the material to blackmail and bully you online.

 So how can you spot and avoid these relationship dupes and phoney characters online? The first step is to the get the best advice and use them. There are many safety tips available, but for the purposes of this article, I will outline only the top six safety tips that will help you stay safe when you’re on an online dating app or live sex cam site.

1. Don’t Be Generous With Personal Information

Many people make their lives an open book for every Tom, Dick and Harry to write on. They disclose the most intimate details of their lives to total strangers and then they wonder why they are being stalked. Don’t do this.

Sometimes, hooking up can be so enjoyable, one easily gets carried away. Remind yourself that the online crush on your live sex cam site is still a stranger. Abide by the already laid out social etiquettes for chatting with strangers.  Don’t share information about your physical residential or work address. Don’t tell them where your family lives. Protect yourself until you get to know this person as a friend.

When you fix meetings, choose public spaces. This is very important.

2. Stay Alert

When you’re running a fact-check online, there are certain things you should look out for. First, see if the Instagram or Facebook profile looks fishy. Does the account have terribly low friend stats? Are the pictures haphazardly posted without tags or comments or likes? You should be able to recognize an account that has been hastily set up. A real account should include pictures of their kith and kin and everyday adventures.

3. Don’t Be Scared To Dig Deeper

If your instincts say that you need to dig deeper, don’t second guess yourself or ignore it. Order a background check on the person if you must.

It doesn’t matter that your first round of Google searches didn’t throw up any doubts. If the object of your affection really cares about you, they will totally understand that you were only taking protective measures. They will respect you for taking proactive measures to ensure that you stayed safe.

4. Don’t Be In Too Much Of A Hurry

Even in live sex cams, you must be wary of sugar-coated declarations. Some people will sweet talk you out of your savings faster than you can even say, JackRobinson!

Take all premature declarations of love with a pinch of salt. But most of all, resist the pressure to go out of your comfort zone. Your online crush might be looking for more than a live sex cam experience. They might be looking for targets to blackmail.

Before you start trusting the other person, make sure you have gotten to know them well.

5. It’s Okay To Be Inquisitive

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Let the other person know that you want to feel comfortable with the relationship. If the person has presented information that seems almost impossible or unlikely, ask for proof.

Make your safety a priority.

6. Don’t Hide The Relationship From Those You Trust

Tell someone about your online crush or potential live sex cam lover. They might be able to spot red flags you had missed. And if you ever decide to set up a physical meeting, do the needful. Disclose details of your planned meeting to a trusted friend.

Whatever you do, don’t apologize for making your safety a priority.

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