7 Deep Dark Secrets Of The Kardashian Family

7 Deep Dark Secrets Of The Kardashian Family

By Wires | The Trent on January 16, 2014

Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s? We might think we are but this reality TV family who “bares it all” on our TV screens have seven deep dark secrets they’d rather you know nothing about.

It is only logical that if you make a TV Show about your life and the glamorous lives of your family members, we get to see everything there is to see about The Kardashians.

Alas, as we all know, some things are meant to remain hidden since they might damage the reputation of the K’s, but we decided to fight for the truth, and for The Kardashians as well. The moment they stepped on our screens they became our second family and we have the right to know what’s going on.

1. Sweat Shop Controversy

That dress you bought with their namesake last week might have been made in a sweat shop located in China. Of course, we cannot go to China to check this, but some might have been there…

A clothing manufacturer that once laid claim to the Kardashian products paid their workers 8 cents per garment.

Thankfully anything you buy at Sears with the family brand was not made in such conditions.

2. Scott Disick’s Family Past

When someone alerted NY police that Scott’s father, Jeffery Disick, had stolen money from a bank a year earlier, Jeffery turned himself in and was charged with petty larceny paid restitution and community service.

As a man who admitted his own flaws (anger issues), Scott remains in the spotlight because of his inability to deal with those very same flaws.

It’s great to acknowledge your own flaws, but you have to work on them. Lately, rumors have been going around that he’s causing trouble by spending excessive amounts of money on frivolous things.

3. Lamar thinks they are Behind Negative Stories

It’s no secret that Lamar Odom has been struggling with drug abuse for quite some time. We all cheered for him when he tried to kick it for a couple of times.

But Odom believes that negative press is coming from his ex-family!

While we don’t agree with his cheating, everyone should be allowed to get sober and take charge of their life without prying eyes getting in the way of their success at clean living.

4. Bruce and the Cross Dressing Scandal

Ex wife Chrystie Jenner revealed that Bruce enjoyed dressing in women’s clothing and lingerie during the course of their marriage.

“He’d clip my bras together and wear them,” she said. “I couldn’t live with that.”

Compared to the rest of the secrets, this one seems benign and even cute. Go Bruce, Go!

5. Kim Exploited Her Divorce

Ok no surprise here, but Kim did everything she could to exploit her divorce for profit.

She even approached Kris after the messy divorce and media storm asking him to film a farewell message for the show. You know, so she could make sure everyone knew she “always loved him”.

Of course, that’s why she ended the marriage in record time and then got pregnant with another man’s baby while still hitched.

6. The Truth about the Sex Tape

Janice Dickenson revealed that the sex tape that dropped just months before the show was signed was a product of something Kris Kardashian did.

Both she and Kim reportedly signed a contract with Vivid to release the tape for a whopping 5 million dollars.

Let me write that again: 5 million dollars! That is really a lot of money for one clip… All I have to do now is get my own TV Show and start thinking about vacation plans.

7. Endless Sources Claim Khloe is Not a Real Kardashian

Every ex-wife of the late Robert Kardashian claim that he told them Khloe was not really his daughter.

Sources say her real father is Alex Roldan, but he signed a 30 million dollar non-disclosure agreement.

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