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7 Impactful Books About Women Who Have Changed History

Women always play a key role on the world scene even when men are holding the reins. It's just worth looking at their biographies to get the essence.

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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople are used to talking about men who managed to change history in one way or another. However, many women have made a difference. You may not know their names just because they didn’t appear in glossy magazines. But they have changed the world around them and influenced many other girls. When it comes to women who changed the world, most remember famous white actresses or politicians. But what about black women? They have played a big role in sharing culture and feminism. In fact, they have made more than that since they have managed to challenge and clarify what it means to be a feminist. These women are worthy of attention not only when you ask someone to help me write my essay about them. So, let’s take a closer look at some impactful books about women and their books that have changed history.

‘We Should All Be Feminists’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Have you ever thought about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, when the world develops at light speed, and people want to seem extremely progressive even if it is not so? The author offers an unusual definition of feminism for modern society. She has based it on her life experience and the situations she had to get through. In short, a little has changed for the last decades. They have just learned to mask the realities of sexual politics better. And it’s not for nothing that the author has managed to win several rewards for her work. She ruins the belief that feminism must have a negative connotation and evoke unpleasant emotions.

‘Know My Name’ by Chanel Miller

Even though many women find themselves in similar unpleasant situations, they prefer to keep silent about them. They would treat some situations as shameful experiences, even if it wasn’t their fault. How many women face sexual abuse? How many of them were brave enough to reveal the truth about the incident? This book makes us think about various moments we prefer to stay silent about. Things that were “acceptable” yesterday lose their power today. Every woman can find a shoulder to cry on and understand that she is not lonely in her sorrow. A healing process can be long and painful since soul wounds don’t want to disappear that easily.

‘Unbowed’ by Wangari Maathai

While some women affect small groups of people, others have influenced the whole nation and even the continent. This book will show you a long-life journey of the author, starting with her childhood in a rural area of her homeland and the world scene. This lady started the Green Belt Movement 43 years ago, aimed at the empowerment of women. She faced many challenges, injustices, and dangerous situations, but nothing prevented her from fighting for her ideas and beliefs.

‘Michelle Obama: A Life’ by Peter Slevin

If you are not an actress or Oprah Winfrey, your chances of becoming an icon go to zero. However, everything can change if you become the First Lady. Many girls are looking for inspiration in the life story of this woman. And it’s not surprising since she has made a long way from her childhood in Chicago and appearance on the covers of the most famous magazines. Like every black woman, she faced many stumbling blocks while climbing a career ladder and balancing work and personal life. Thus, she is a good example of female power and tremendous capabilities.

‘Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches’ by Audre Lorde

Do you think it was hard to be a black woman more than 30 years ago? And what would you say about a black lesbian feminist? This book became popular among black students before the Internet era when they could neither use an essay writing help service nor find a required book just in a few clicks. It consists of fifteen essays and speeches devoted to feminism, sexual identity, homophobia, etc. The writing style is audacious and bold, and it highlights that it is an oppressor that should take care of their self-education. Each piece of work challenges some ideas, making readers reflect on them and develop their consciousness.

‘Ain’t I a Woman’ by Bell Hooks

This lady has managed to reach great career results in the writing field and as an activist and professor. She has decided to focus on class issues, race, gender, and how much they affect different life aspects. Even though she has created several books, this one has found its place under the sun and in any feminist’s library. She reveals various uneasy topics and emphasizes the role of black women in the feminist movement.

‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gay

You might have agreed that feminism has gained incorrect popularity thanks to mass media and people who hide behind it at any opportunity, even if their actions have nothing to do with feminism. Thus, sometimes it can be hard to get what it means to be a feminist. What is the difference between a good feminist and a bad one? The author tries to challenge the definition of what it means to be a bad feminist with witty and impressive essays. She writes about her life experience and personal features, evaluating whether she can be considered a good or a bad feminist. She is not afraid to mention cinematography and pop culture in an unpleasant context, criticizing their attitude towards women and people of color.

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