7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Live With Your Partner

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Live With Your Partner

By Lipstiq on October 4, 2014
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While most couples do it and I was one half of the couple that did move in together before getting married, there are some serious perks about not living together with your partner. Others may think that shacking up with your partner before getting hitched is a good ‘test run’ but is it really as good of an idea as you may think?

Breathing space – When the two of you argue, living together might make it hard for either one of you to find a space where you can totally be on your own. Even if you go into another room, the thought of your partner being somewhere in the house might make it a little difficult for you to simmer down post-argument.

Slumber parties – I don’t care how old you are but if you have a group of girl friends that you are very close to, then slumber parties are always going to happen. Living with your boyfriend might turn him into an annoying ghost that hovers over you and your girlfriends, while you’re all watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

A weekend to yourself – Living under the same roof as your partner might make it hard to have an entire weekend where you can do “you” things. Because you’re both living together, you will feel the need to spend your weekend doing things that the both of you can agree on. You may as well cross off “vegetating in your underwear while streaming TV series” from your list of fun things to do.

Dirty laundry – I don’t know what it is about men and leaving socks lying around. Even if your partner is a neat guy, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will leave at least a pair of socks lying around. I detest doing laundry and if you share my predicament, then be glad that you’re not living with your boyfriend. It’s bad enough having to do your own laundry.

Infinite bed space – Do I really need to explain the joy of having extra bed space to yourself? The joy of uninterrupted sleep is imperative for a good girlfriend.

Bathroom time – When sharing a home, you pretty much share everything and by everything, I mean every little thing. Even the unattractive after-poop scent. Leave a little mystery to your relationship and enjoy not living together.

Temperature is yours – I find that my partner and I are always bickering about the temperature. I like the AC to be ‘comfortably cool’ and he likes it to be ‘frostbite freezing’. Just like extra bed space, the right temperature is also an important factor to a good night’s sleep.

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