7 Ways To Conquer Loneliness

7 Ways To Conquer Loneliness

By Your Life 1st on July 14, 2015
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Many people deal with loneliness everyday of their lives, and finally come to the realization that this is no way to live, because it’s not living.

They need ways to conquer and overcome loneliness, so that they can start leading more productive lives. How does one conquer loneliness? When it controls every aspect of your life; what it’s doing is sucking the life right out of you.

It’s like a balloon that has a leak, it just deflates slowly, much like loneliness deflates your life day by day, until you become depleted much like that balloon.

You’re probably sitting there thinking no one really understands you. You don’t have many friends, if you have any friends at all. You spend much of your day in your room, and don’t get along with your family. It causes depression and makes you feel very alone. It’s hampering your social life, and that includes dating. You want to start getting along with people, but you don’t know where to begin.

Your situation is certainly not uncommon. You are not alone in your experience of loneliness. In fact, I have done a lot of studies and I have found that in very big cities where there is a mass of people, people are becoming lonelier and lonelier.

Loneliness is also compounded by technology. In this modern society we live in, we never have to leave our home if we don’t want to. We can spend our lives getting everything home delivered, and living our lives vicariously on the internet.

Well, you certainly hit the nail on the head, you must start somewhere, and getting better with people and building some sort of social life is the place to start. You have got to start doing things differently, taking action and making changes or else you will find yourself in this dark hole of your life forever.

A mindset change is definitely in order: change the way you think changes the way you act.

found that one of the major cures for loneliness starts in the way you think. Research has shown that people can experience loneliness even when they have friends and family. I even know marriages where couples feel more alone than ever.

It has more to do with your mindset than actually your lifestyle. When you can change your mindset then what will actually happen is you will attract more people to you. The most important mindset is actually to be compassionate toward yourself and is what is happening in the world of humanity.

It starts with realizing that there are a lot of people who are in a similar situation as you. When we go through difficult periods, we sometimes feel that our life could not be worse and we become a one person pity party. Look around you, there are people much worse off than you are. This has always helped me to see the big picture of my life.

Find a way to get involved with people and life in general.

One of the best things you can do is change your life, and there are many ways you can accomplish this. Start finding ways to  interact with other people and get you off of that road of isolation. This will also start a shift in your mindset and show you that your situation could be worse.

I highly recommend volunteering at a homeless shelter. Go and serve soup or just interact with people who have really been dealt hard blows in life. Giving is one of the best ways to start feeling good about yourself, and that, my friend, is something you need desperately to start changing.

This should give you a bit of a jolt and show you that your situation is not as bad as you thought it was. You have probably been playing the victim card without even realizing it. People who suffer from chronic loneliness also believe that they are victims in this thing we call life.

You might also develop a bit more of appreciation of how fortunate you are and this will help you develop more of a positive energy. Positive energy increases optimism, and optimism attracts people.

Get a handle on what exactly is feeding your loneliness.

Loneliness is when you feel that you are alone in this journey of life, and you are lacking the conceptualization in that other people actually care about you. You start believing that you don’t matter to a living soul, and have no one to share your feelings with.You are unable to connect and exchange ideas with other people, and feel unimportant to yourself, or anyone else.

The importance of understanding loneliness and the effect it has on your well-being.

You can have all the financial success you want, be in great physical condition, have all the toys and gadgets one could possibly desire; but if you are lonely, none of this matters. Having a feeling of connection with someone is crucial to human beings, because we are designed to be social animals. After all, Adam wasn’t created to be alone, and neither were you or anyone else. We all need someone we can relate to.

If you haven’t a soul in your life to share your financial success with, no one to play with all those gadgets and toys you have accumulated, than really, what good are those things in your life? Having people in your life is what matters,social interaction is crucial to survival and well-being.

Start building on optimism and leave all that negative energy behind where it belongs.

The battle always begins and ends in the mind. Make a pledge that you will start building on a more positive frame of mind, and start appreciating yourself and other people more. Start seeing something positive in people, and life in general. This helps generate a more positive mental focus, which is what is most needed in your life.

For a lot of people that are experiencing severe loneliness, the cause is usually thinking patterns they have had their whole life. If you are not someone who is naturally social, it is not a priority for you to go out and meet other people.You must realize that this is something you need to change, that you must change. You’re whole lifestyle has to change. It could be the job you have, or what you do on weekends, or even your strategy in meeting people and making friends.

Start with getting out of your comfort zone and find ways of meeting more people.

I think for someone who is experiencing loneliness, joining some sort of group where there are people who you have something in common with is a very good idea. Once I did a clay sculpting class and that was really fun. Join a group book club, if that’s your thing. Find a church, or go play bingo, there are lots of opportunities to meet people if you will just make the effort.

I highly recommend something where you can learn a new skill. Maybe it is learning a new language, and that involves social involvement. Generally, when people are lonely, it is usually when they need to change things up in their life a bit. If you like bowling, join a bowling league. Or join a cooking class, anything that gets you out and about and meeting people. I mean really, the opportunities are endless. It’s pretty hard to meet people stuck in your room all day and night. Pity parties get old. Find a real party and learn to enjoy yourself.

Why have a life if you can’t enjoy living it? Loneliness can be fixed. There is nothing that can give you happiness as much as ridding your life of loneliness and the isolation is creates. Find ways to conquer loneliness in your life. You might even end up walking around with a smile on your face, and what a change that will make in your overall outlook on life.

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