8 Delicious Desserts That Don’t Mess With Your Diet

8 Delicious Desserts That Don’t Mess With Your Diet [LOOK]


Here are images and recipes of eight delicious desserts that won’t expand your waist… Hopefully.


1. Cherry Merlot Granita

Cherry Merlot Granita The Trent

This delicious dessert can satisfy your appetite with a few rich bites that each serving contains. The delicious juices that are used to create the Merlot provide a rich and smooth syrup that contains loads of vitamins and other probiotic’s that are very good for your body, but not only that, it actually tastes good!


2. Chocolate Pudding Cake

Chocolate Puddign Cake The Trent

Before you get all excited because you can eat some pudding cake, read on. These types of desserts can be managed into a few hundred calories instead of whopping 800-900 calories per serving. Find a recipe and look up solutions to remove those high-calorie ingredients that you want to stay away from. Add some nutrients like blueberries, pecans, or something else that you feel would taste great with your cake! You can make everything not as unhealthy, you just may not end up with such a rich and bold flavor, but regardless, it is better than skipping dessert!


3. Scones

Scones The Trent

“Scones are a Grandma snack” That is not true! These delicious snacks can be made for something other than Grandma’s tea—they are a simple yet delicious dessert that can be enjoyed in whatever way you want! Whether you put blueberries like above or any other fruit of your choice, sprinkle over some sugar or sugar substitutes, these things are great to have that will keep you full for the rest of your night.


4. Shortbread

Blueberry Shortbread bars The Trent

People think that shortbread is unhealthy, but that is because they load a bunch of unnecessary calories and junk that is unhealthy, and to be honest, unneeded. A simple shortbread recipe, and blueberries like pictures above could be a great dessert that will defeat your after-dinner hunger. Just watch out on the whipped cream! Control how much you place on your short cake, and limit your sizes like pictured so you don’t indulge to points of unnecessary calories!


5. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies The Trent

Love Oatmeal? Well you for sure will want to try this delicious little cookie. Yes, it is a small little snack, but instead of that bowl of ice cream, which you can’t eat, it is better than nothing! These little beasts can be made with raisins, other fruit chunks, or your favorite nuts! A simple yet small little cookie that shouldn’t be called such thing because of all the nutrients that could be featured in it!


6. Moraccan Spiced Oranges

Moraccan Spiced Oranges The Trent

This is a simple dessert that can be served to settle down your stomach after a lovely meal, or to even fill your stomach if you still aren’t full while you are on your diet! The wonderful nutrients in oranges and pecans, which could be sprinkled on top of your delicious creation, are vital to have in your system. You always want to include nutrients in your diet rather than just low-calories, always remember that!


7. Parfaits

Berry_Cheesecake_Parfaits-3 The Trent

Oh, those parfaits they sell those at McDonalds they can’t be healthy! Think again! Parfaits contain whatever flavor yogurt you want, whatever fruits you want, and anything else your stomach is feeling! Using low-fat yogurt, and nutrition-filled fruits is a great item to end your meal on, and will leave your stomach with a great aftertaste!

Recipe , Another Recipe

8. Bournbon-Glazed Peaches

BournbonGlazed Peaches The Trent

These can be made in your very own house with only a few ingredients. If you are a fan of peaches, I would highly suggest you try this delicious dessert if you ever desire something rich and bold tasting. Peaches are very delicious, and your body will thank you for giving it nutrients, and a great taste. Pop some creamy yogurt, fat-free whipped cream, or whatever you’d like as a pairing to this wonderful peach dessert!


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