Ladies, 8 Ways Guys Express Their Love That You Should Know

Ladies, 8 Ways Guys Express Their Love That You Should Know

By Beauty And Tips on February 13, 2015
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It’s a scientific fact that men and women think differently and that’s why men can seem so hard for women to understand sometimes. You might think that men are emotion-less and hard hearted, but there is a reason why it might seem that way. Women tend to use one side of their brain more actively, where emotions come from, while men favor another side, where logical thinking comes from. Men are not devoid of all emotion though, in fact, they are quite complicated underneath that hard exterior. All you need to do is learn how to decode the secret messages that they are sending you, so read these eight ways that men express their feelings:

1. Sometimes, they would rather do something good and useful for you, than use words

Men aren’t very good at saying ‘I love you’, they much rather show their love by the way they behave. Fixing things around the home, coming to your aid when you need him, these are the ways that man says ‘I love you’ and ‘I care’.

2. He opens up his heart to you and shares his best kept secrets 

A man doesn’t express any emotions to someone whom he doesn’t trust and he won’t share any secrets either. When he opens up to you and shares things from his past or how he is really feeling, then that is a real compliment that he reserves only for special people in his life.

3. He stays faithful

Commitment is a big deal for men. They need to make absolutely sure that they, themselves, will not be hurt, before they commit fully to you. This is not because they fear commitment; it is the pain of betrayal that they really fear, so when your man makes that commitment, he is really serious about you.

4. What ‘I love you’ means to a man?

Although many men don’t say the magic words as often as we might like, when they do say it, boy, they do mean it! For a man those words mean I will be responsible, I will be faithful and I want to be with you, and most men who care won’t break their promises.

5. Special sweet names…only for you…

When a man has his own personal nickname for you, then he really does like you. It’s a man’s way of getting around having to say he loves you out loud, but he’s telling you the same thing, in his own sweet way.

6. What it means when they go quiet?

Don’t be offended when your man goes quiet, it’s probably got nothing to do with you. When men feel afraid or hurt, they don’t talk about it; they retreat to safety inside their special ‘man cave’. A silent and detached man is usually a man asking for help, so don’t just ignore him and leave him to get on with it on his own.

7. They bring you flowers and surprise you with gifts

Men are genetically wired to be the providers or the hunters, and the giving of gifts means more to most men, than just a little gesture. They are trying to please you, because they love you and remember, gifts come in all shapes and sizes. For some men, spending more time with you than with their friends is a form of a gift too, so watch out for the subtle gifts, as well as the obvious ones.

8. Showing you off

You know that a man is getting really serious about you, if he starts introducing you to his friends and family. This is another thing that men don’t do lightly, it is a public display of their affection for you and they are saying to everyone: ‘This is my girl and I’m proud of her.’

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