Argan Oil – How To Use It The Right Way?

Argan Oil – How To Use It The Right Way?

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on August 24, 2019
argan oil

Argan oil is is obtained from the kernels of the argan tree found in large quantities in Morocco. It is used in the northern African country as a dip for bread, for cooking, a dressing for salads and pasta. Apart from for food, argan oil is also used for cosmetic benefits. 

Multiple Approaches To Argan Oil Use

Argan oil can be used in all kinds of applications, but primarily, this Moroccan plant has three favored uses. The oil is squeezed from the nuts of the argan tree, and from there it’s either used in a culinary fashion, as a means of providing skin therapy, or as a styling agent for hair. Which of these uses best describes your need will be key in proper use.

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For example, though argan oil is edible, for the most part, you don’t want to eat it unless you buy it in quantities prepared specifically for human consumption. Argan oil designed for skin therapy or hair styling is going to include additional compounds which may or may not be edible. In all likelihood, they’re not going to be good for you to eat.

However, culinary argan oil can additionally be rubbed on the skin or put in the hair—many don’t use culinary argan oil this way, because in its purified form, it’s ideal for certain dishes. With these things being said, we’ll focus now on stylistic use of argan oil. When it comes to the substance being used topically, that’s pretty simple: just rub it in.

But when it comes to styling your hair with argan oil, using it the right way will require a little more subtlety. For thousands of years this substance has been used in Morocco, and so that use has been perfected. Following we’ll see what has been discovered in regard to aesthetic enhancement with this unique organic compound.

Argan oil

Styling With Argan Oil

First, figure out how much of the substance your hair really needs. Different follicle thickness will predicate more or less argan oil use. For most, just two to five drops is all you’ll really need. You’ll want to place the oil in your hands, then rub them together to warm it up. Next, you’ll put your hands through your hair and apply the argan oil as equally as you can.

A really strategic way to apply argan oil is to put it in your hair when your hair is already damp. Go from the ends to the roots. When applied in this way, you’re likely to find argan oil replacing your natural bodily oils. For those with regular frizz, such application really helps you manage your hair.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got thin hair, only a little bit of argan oil increases volume in a very noticeable way. Regular application can help you avoid all bad hair days, once you get the rhythm down. Especially for events like weddings, which require careful hair management, argan oil can be essential in helping you keep from worrying about your hair.

If you’re dealing with dry skin at the scalp level, argan oil acts as a hydrating agent. You can do this before a shower, then wash out the excess. Or, you can do it afterward. Here’s the thing: more oil is better for dryness, but can be too much for hair. Meanwhile, if you’ve already got an oil-rich scalp, try to keep the oil about an inch from the roots.

Keeping Your Hair At Its Most Healthy With Argan Oil

If you’re going for overall smoothness over time, try and apply argan oil about every other day. You don’t have to apply much, and eventually, this will have a transformative effect on your hair. A little research will help you find everything you need to know about argan oil, making it easier for you to achieve balance in your hair styling efforts.

Everybody’s different. Though diet and exercise make a person flourish, different diets and different exercise routines will be more or less effective for different people. It’s the same with styling products like argan oil. You may have to experiment lto get things just right. Still, it’s best to use natural products, and argan oil has a positive track record thousands of years old. 


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