The Article Every Nigerian From The South NEEDS To READ (CLICK)

The Article Every Nigerian From The South NEEDS To READ (CLICK)

Nigeria's former finance minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Bayo Adeyinka explores the difference between the politics of Nigeria in the South and that of those in the North. He concludes that Nigerians from the South tend to be atomistic while those from the North are protective of one another. 

I am writing this post with a lot of caution and trepidation. I have never subscribed to ethnic chauvinism and I actually detest being labelled as a tribal bigot. I am usually very careful because I have friends and colleagues from every part of the nation and some of my best friends are not even from my side of the country.

However, recent events are making me to have a deeper reflection and I wish we- Southerners in this instance- can have some kind of introspection. Out of 25 appointments made so far, 18 are from the North, 3 are from the South West, 4 are from the South South while the South East has ZERO appointments. A tweet which I saw today stated that “southerners are only competent when it’s time for elections but northerners are competent in terms of governance” and this made the following thoughts run through my mind:

1. Only Southerners have been accusing fellow Southerners of corruption. Oshiomole has been attacking Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as if Ngozi turned down his marriage proposal. The same Oshiomole tried to make nonsense of Akinwumi Adeshina’s successes in the agriculture sector. Ambode tried to pull Fashola down and successfully smeared him with stains. Maybe that’s why Fashola did not get the Chief of Staff role. I’m yet to see a Northerner accuse another Northerner of corruption, even when they belong to different parties. The closest a Northerner got was when the new Kano State Governor attacked Rabiu Kwankaso but he quickly sheathed his sword and even disowned previous reports of attacks. Why are we like this?

2. Are Southerners the only ones who are corrupt? Were there no northerner heading the ministries and parastatals? Did the outgone Comptroller-General of Customs, Abdullahi Dikko not have an alleged case of certificate forgery but he still served out his tenure until he resigned voluntarily? I’m not in support of corruption under any guise but the fight against corruption must not be seen to be sectional.

3. How come it’s easier for the President to believe that Sanni Abacha was not corrupt in spite of recovered loot while it is so easy for him to believe Goodluck Jonathan is irredeemably corrupt?

4. I still remember that aside from God, Tinubu made Tambuwal what he is today. The same Tambuwal would later call Femi Gbajabiamila ‘incompetent’ and rated Dogara as more competent. The same Tambuwal was propped up by Tinubu, a Southerner against a fellow Southerner, Mulikat Akande. Obasanjo was very key to denying Goodluck Jonathan a second term. A good number can still recall how OBJ tore his PDP membership card in public glare. The Northerners find it easy to support themselves but we are always pulling ourselves down. Babangida Aliyu, Sule Lamido and all the other Northern Governors including the former PDP Chairman Adamu Muazu often times refused to campaign for Goodluck Jonathan openly and many times even espoused the virtues of the opposing candidate on the rostrum!

5. Southern leaders and Presidents pull down Southern business men but prop up Northern ones. How many people still remember how Obasanjo ran Mike Adenuga out of town but both Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan made Aliko Dangote what he is today. No northern leader goes against their own. I dare to put it on record that President Buhari will never go against Aliko Dangote for any reason.

6. How come OBJ pardoned Salisu Buhari, the ex-Speaker who forged his credentials and he later was given an appointment as a Governing Council member of a University and heavens did not fall- but when Goodluck Jonathan pardoned Alamieyeseigha it became one of the major issues counted against him? Is there one rule for some and another rule for others?

7. We find it easy to raise our voices in support of the deportation of Buruji Kashamu but have no qualms with Atiku Abubakar strutting around the corridors of power.

8. Only Southerners find it so easy to abuse their elders when they voice opinions not in tandem with the popular opinion. We find it easy to diss Afenifere elders and call them ‘Afenifebi’ while hurling expletives and curses at them. We even abuse our kings and priests. Northerners will never abuse an Emir no matter how unpopular what he said is. Can you imagine any Northerner raising his voice against the Sultan? In spite of Tanko Yakassai, Balarabe Musa and Dangiwa Umar’s perceived support for Jonathan, northern youths did not abuse them. But our own youths run down our elders on social media while our educated elite also support the act.

These are some of the thoughts that have been running through my mind. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I do this at the risk of being labelled an ethnic bigot. The point however is that Southerners have to get their acts right. We have to put our house in order. The bickering must stop. Let’s engage our emotional intelligence. Let’s not allow others to exploit our tendency to self-destruct.

Bayo Adeyinka is a journalist. This article was originally published on his blog, Bayo Adeyinka. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 


  1. I understand the nessage the write-up is trying to pass to all Non- Northerners, but i want us to understand also that the collusive behaviours the Northerners in doing evil couple with non-opposition of the subjects to the mis-rule attitude of their leaders accounted for the problems starring them in the face now. Inspite of all these anomalies of the non-northerners, if happen to come back to life as a Nigerian the second time, i dont want to be a northerner.

    • There is no compromise to civility,south is more civilized and developed than the north and that is our gain for being critical of is evident in what is happening in the North East. Southern leaders are better challenged due to the awareness in us..Our southern leaders compromise their stand to gain northern political recognition which most of the time does not favour them. We cannot afford not criticise one another for quality performance., the benefit is enormous. when next another southerner is there he will do better. let’s continue to set the standard for Nigeria to be great. Thanks

      • Thanks for this insight you gave us. The writer don’t do his flexibility study properly before he jump to conculsion. We’re in class with northerners if we put it in an aggregate

  2. I have the solution to your article. I know how you are feeling but I can only air the solution in stricked confedentiality

  3. Food for thought; but no matter what happens, we should not in any way keep mute to corruption because it’s our own person that is involved. It will certainly destroy us as a people. come what may, the north is no where close to the level of development and exposure of the people in the other regions of the country, particularly the south- south.

  4. Tribalists see tribalism in everything. The writer is only expressing innate fear of the north while pretending not to push tribal agenda. I am Yoruba most southern leaders impose hardship on their citizens while looting the treasury for their family alone i lived in the North, they are not like that. Approach anyone of them for help while in Office, they will try their best to help, they dont ignore you. Go to your best friend southerner while in office he tells you story and as soon you leave he tells his staff not to allow you in again. Next day he leaves office you hear of stolen millions and billions. I beg lef am.

    • In as much as I am in agreement with you, you however just buttressed the Writer’s point of view. A Southerner not helping a fellow Southerner while in office is in line with the “PHD- Pull him/her down” syndrome Southerners exhibit which is very unlike a Northerner who will go all out to assist anyone while in office irrespective of where you come from.

  5. Truth of the matter is Nigeria is not one, we are not united and for that to stop we should be working towards dividing Nigeria into three or more parts peacefully. Thanks God Biafra has made their stand known to every other Nigerians long ago that Nigeria is not one. Long Live Republic of Biafra.


  7. Sambo Dasuki is only being prosecuted by Buhari because of the role he played when Buhari was over thrown. It should be understood that , that Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s picture at the beginning of this write up does not in any way suggest that she was the writer. Everything written by the writer is the true picture of the attitude of the south. If we must occupy our place of pride in Nigeria, we must eschew envy, jellos y and other virtues that tends to make us inferior before the North who takes advantage of our hatred for each other to consolidate their hold on leadership positions in Nigeria.

    • You are correct. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a global superstar from Nigeria who is being attacked by fellow Southerners just because of politics. Hence her picture was used. The author of this article is clearly identified.

  8. I think all of you have good points, but I still believe that through constructive criticism and as we continue to fight for our votes and put the right leaders in position without sentiments that’s the only way we can win the fight against corruption and disabuse our minds from tribalism.

    • Haba minister. When you were a minister all your staff are from your area so is the former Sgf pus ayim pius. No body has ever stole money in the history of Nigeria tjan you. Just one among many. You and your husbanf biuld the most expensive and the best hospital in Abuja
      Where did you get all tthis money. Which farm? . We have a lot of record on ground. Just waiting for Efcc to do

  9. When l work with a northerner as my boss it was heaven on earth but come and see what you call my sister is doing now in my office to the point of every body praying death sentece for her l beg live matter our leaders are wicked joooo make them dey die like goat

  10. If Buhari a Northerner rule this Country and get things right, the South is ruined politically. What that means is that they are born to rule or to put it in another way God has ordain them to be rulers in other words it is their birth right. People in the north testifies that government presence is in everything. People enjoy the divident of democracy in the north than in the south. When will the south feel govment presence the way it is in the north? If Buhari get things right of course the people will continue to elect northerners. As strong as OBJ with all his military discipline and might could afford to mess up the nation and seconded by PHD holder GEJ then an illiterate north will continue to rule.

    • The most important dividend of democracy is absent from the North. That is education. NO wonder Book Haram, All majiri and cholera treat them up there. I am happy to be a southerner

  11. We’ll;u r nt far frm d truth. Bt I tnk d northernerso av dia above -named problesm ivn mor. It hs always bn dt though. Hmmmmm; God hep us.


  13. I am too big to be dragged into religious or ethical issues what is bad does not have two names corruption is bad irrespective of the person involved.Examining it from the writers view point how close are the southerners to their own people when they find themselves in position of power? no matter how high a northerner is placed in an office you still them around their childhood friends and closed to their people they not to fill any form to see them but southerners will build very high wall to imprisoned themselves against their own people from having access to them.And tell me is it the man you never cared about or never wanted to see when you were in power you are now county upon to defend you when you are in trouble? You can’t eat your cake and have it.If our leaders wants their people to support them they should learn from the northerner leaders.

  14. It is sad that the writer sees the progressiveness of the South in the tribal lenses. I think Nigeria at the age of 66 years since independence should have crossed the point of seeing things in tribal lenses.

    The North has voted for souther Presidents in the past even when Northerners competed for the elections; Abiola, Obasanjo and Goodluck all had more votes in some Northern states than in their states. Indeed GEJ had more votes in Katsina state (Buhari’s state) in 2011 than what he got in Bayelsa state.

    In terms of corruption, the Northerners probably have more fear of God and are not looting as much as their Southern counter part. Where this is known, people are quick to point it out to the person.

    Dasuki is not only from the North, son of former Sultan but also is married to Buhari niece. I am not sure if there is anyone more qualified to be protected by the “norther elite” than Dasuki, yet he is being prosecuted and I am yet to see any demonstration in the North.

    I believe the South should continue to point their leaders in the right direction so that when next the baton of governance returns to South, the leaders would be able to do the right thing.

    God bless Nigeria

  15. Now believe that there are millions of southerners who hold the same view with me, looking at this article, I will say it’s one among so many other untold issues confronting US a people and the seed of hatred was planted by the northerners among US so to reap from our fight against one another e.g. Awo versus Akimtola, Awo versus Dr Nnamdi Azi etc. the most recent are Obj, Ameachi, Oshomole etc versus GEJ. I’m just to short of words to explain the pains in my heart over the above subject matter please, please, please…………….??????????? I don’t want to talk about it yet. how I wish the southern youth can or will organise a forum that will bring us together and chart a forward. The disunity among US is the advantage of the northerners who were/are the cause. God bless southern Nigeria and God bless Nigeria.

  16. I very much appreciate the writer, ur emphasis is very concised. Some southerners said they are more educated than the northerners but they forgot to acknowledge the fact that the northerners are playing on our intelligence. Setting confusion among us to create disunity while they continue ruling us and tell us what to do. Let me make something clear, no matter how bad ur father is, he will always be ur father. U can’t take someone else’s father as ur father he will never sees u as his biological son. Southerners be wise.

  17. I comments on the writer efforts to point out some of the issues affected the southerners ,the writer has gone deep to expressed his/her innermost points of few am one of the southerner who doesn’t support tribalism and ethnicity. When talking of education southerners are more educated than northerners but criticism and disunity making southerners to appeared more inferior before northerners corruption is in every sector in Nigeria but pointing out and criticizing every single mistake of the southerners leader by his /her fellow southerners make southerners more incompetence. More to write about but I shorten my comments by pleading with southerners youth who has the mandet to rules to learn from our leaders mistake and make a better amendment so that southerners can compete favourably with northerners without more critics

  18. Mr Adeyinka, you are right,, many will completely disagree with you as regards the idea that southerners tear one another down, while Northernerst don’t. Iam equally perturbed at some of the examples you gave of which the most mis informed allegation anyone can make especially a journalist is that Governor Ambode tried to tear down his predecessor Fashola.
    First, the Southerners got the transparency thing right not the North. The Governor simply gave a state of the state addreso of what he inherited when he took over and none of the allegations was disputed by the ex Governor, instead he gave a shameful flimsy excuse on the fantastically overblown cost of a borehole. I think in retrospect he shouldn’t have been considered for any office in the country today.
    It seems you don’t understand what we should be doing to change things around in the country.
    Fine, the Northern cartel imbibe in the spirit of brotherhood even in corruption to their own detriment; and where has that gotten them?
    Can you compare the developments in the south to those in the North? Is the kind of brotherhood you want for us in the South or even in the country?
    No one that continues to live a lie get anywhere. I will honestly encourage the North not to sweep things underneath their Persian Oriental rugs, they should join the southern bandwagon of transparency, it is not yet perfected even in the south but at least we know what is wrong is wrong, that perhaps is a result of what is taught in our churches and mosques

  19. Please get the point clearly. Ojukwu once said in an interview in early 90s that in his elementary geography, there is north and south. But in Nigeria, there is north and no south as in the populace! North is a community with near common feelings, visions and mission. And is historical. You cannot start south overnight. The people called northerners are real and not just geographical expression. Southerners are just geographical expression. Northerners have common indigenous language unlike the imaginary southerners. Even geographically, north is clearly defined unlike the confusion called west and east; no south!

  20. One point is consistent the northners help themselves while in office,that is compromise and what do call that? Corruption. The writer has a point. Thanks.

  21. southerners are not homogenious in terms of cultural background but the northerners are, so they undersand them self more and have one voice, the two two of the three major ethnic groups in nigeria come from south and these two ethnic group do not have anything in common,so in that case it will be very difficult for south to be united because they even have some common attributes.

  22. Well articulated piece ! However as a discourse analysis, it contained a few inaccuracies. Firstly anyone with half a brain wouldn’t deny dat Abacha was one of the biggest looter of the Nigeria’s exchecquer. GEJ of his free will alienated Yoruba race frm his senior posts despite the fact he got his biggest vote nd support frm the South West ! The SW did not open the gates of hell like the SE& SS are doing presently with the excuse that war on corruption is one sided. Jonathan knew there were corruption under previous PDP governments. Why didn’t he do anything about it when he first knew ? in contradiction of the Oath of office to defend Nigeria’s constitution ? He knowingly abdicated his responsibility and helped his ministers nd advisers to perpetrate nd perpetuate corruption against Nigeria on an unimaginable scale. He appointed a lot of incompetent buffoons to run the affairs of Nigeria. Nepotism nd conglict of interest became the order of the day under his government nd his classless wife created a quasi government of her own nd GEJ did fucko ! His ministers nd mistresses were openly and recklessly squandering Nigeria’s commonwealth and he personally must have known the treasury was going dry. A Nigerian minister (aviation) had the effrontery to buy stupid bmw cars for more than the cost of two customised Bentleys the Queens got for her anniversary ! As a Nigerian in diaspora (UK) for over two decades, GEJ nd most of his ministers shd be in prison already ! I personally don’t give a rat’s ass who rules Nigeria or where the hell he or she comes frm. So long as the place is properly governed. Politicians and public servants salary nd remuneration is far too high despite our low gdp nd low income. Why shd a Nigerian senator earn in three months more than British PM earn in a whole year ??? Supremacy nd equality before the law must be strictly adhered to nd the Nigerian police force must be empowered and free of political interference. Corrupt Judges must lose their jobs and pension to serve as deterent to others who may want to try. Everyone MUST come under the policy nd all dead woods must be purged frm public sector nd statutory sectors. Incompetent nd or corrupt lawmakers must be recalled by their constituencies If need be, the whole governmental policies must be reformed by independent body of eminent sane Nigerians of integrity. I recommend Capital punishment for serious acts of corruption after all public officers have either been made to sign a disclaimer or resigned their appointment. All of the above is not astrophysics and could be delivered with minimum fass in six months. I know becos my MA in in social policy nd didn’t pick up degrees on the streets of London ! If Nigeria is sanitized many talents in diaspora will come home to help in nation building that excludes looting of the Nigerian treasury and our children will not be lost to British, Irish, American, German and Canadian system forever !

  23. This write-up has concluded that we have no common value system as Nigerians. There is no need to continue the “One Nigeria” project because it will never work. On the other hand, the southerners do not need to become northerners in order to live their lives the way they were created. If we were One, there will be no need for saying “One Nigeria”. Again, if this continues, the Northerners will conquer the South. It is as simple as ABC.

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