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9 Strategies To Achieve Your Weight Loss Dream

There’s more than one way to lose weight — and recommendations are constantly evolving. Here are some we've highlighted recently.

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The first of your weight loss strategies is Stay Resolved

This article offers some tips for keeping your weight-loss and fitness resolutions.

Flexitarian Diet the trent

Pay Attention to Your Gut

These three books dissect how your innards influence your weight gain.

Model in photo (Photo Credit: iStock)
Model in photo (Photo Credit: iStock)
Adopt a Business Approach

Tara Parker-Pope, editor of our Well blog, explains how a business strategy helped her lose 25 pounds.

Mediterranean diet the trent

Quality, Not Quantity

The author of “Always Hungry?” argues in this Q. and A. that overeating doesn’t make you fat. Rather, it’s an excess of high glycemic foods like sugar and refined grains.

Flexitarian Diet the trent 2

Make Your Diet Fit You

Some scientists say the right weight-loss strategy is a personalized diet that takes into account family history, medications and genetic makeup, for instance.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Keeping the Muscle

For others, the holy grail is a weight-loss program that decreases fat without diminishing muscle tissue.

weight-gain scale diet weightloss

A Little at a Time

Blood pressure, heart rate and other health measurements can improve with just a small amount of weight loss, a study shows.

Credit | Image Bank
Credit | Image Bank
Take a Bribe

Four out of five large U.S. employers now offer some sort of financial incentive to employees to improve their health. Sometimes, they even work.

Credit | Jon Boyes/Ocean/Corbis
Credit | Jon Boyes/Ocean/Corbis
Just Don’t Eat

In recent years, intermittent fasting has gained popular attention and scientific endorsement.

via The New York Times

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