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Awwww! This Little Girl Made Michelle Obama’s Day (LOOK)

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A kind word can go a long way to lift anyone’s spirit and that is what one little girl did for America’s First Lady Michelle Obama.

When it comes to being known for intelligence, beauty, and health, Michelle Obama is not wanting for confirmation. Yet, even the First Lady can use, and certainly appreciates, some encouragement as she gets older. Of course, that encouragement sometimes comes from the most unexpected places and at the strangest of times.


During an annual White House event called Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, Mrs. Obama fielded queries from the children of Executive Office employees, Washington D.C.’s Child and Family Service Agency, and children from a local Boys and Girls Club who were in attendance during a question and answer session.

One young lady, certainly not too awe-struck by the First Lady and apparently unaware that you are not supposed to ask a woman about her age, asked the bold question, “How old are you?”

The First Lady hesitatingly responded that she was 51; but the girl’s reaction to Obama’s answer, which was off-camera, was presumably shock, because then the FLOTUS asked, “What’s that look?”

 The young girl replied that Obama looked “too young.” Not one to miss an opportunity like this, the First Lady quickly asked for a microphone and had the outspoken girl repeat herself.

“You’re too young for a 51-year-old!” she repeated.

Gleefully, Mrs. Obama had the young lady repeat this to the audience another time before inviting her up on stage for a giant hug.

Later, Mrs. Obama shared that the little girl had truly brightened up her day.

Let’s not forget the power of a kind word. After all, if the First Lady, who has a plethora of magazine covers to prove how young and beautiful she looks, can be uplifted by such a simple and kind word, how much could such a comment mean to the rest of us?

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