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Becoming Problem Solvers Rather Than Incessant Complainers, By @iammalachy

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[pull_quote_center]“If you are not solving problems, you are creating problems, you can’t be neutral.”[/pull_quote_center]

by Sampson Malachy

Think about this; what if Thomas Edison only complained about the lack of a sophisticated tool to get electricity and never invented the electric bulb? What if Mark Zuckerberg was blaming the government for not creating a social media platform like Facebook? What if all Charles Babbage, (the originator of the first programmable computer) could do was to party and drink all day?

The world is facing steep and extensive economic, social and global challenges and while the citizens keep blaming the government of their countries for these problems, they have refused to shuttle deep to seek for the solutions to these problems. We derive delight in complaining instead of becoming problem solvers. Most times we complain, we complain to the wrong people. A man complaining about the unstable exchange rate to his aged grand mum is a perfect example of complaining to the wrong audience.

It is rather sad that instead of trying to fix certain problems that that people have the ability to fix, people choose to complain over those problems. We don’t complain over the things we have no power over.

You can educate some children and youths in your community and that can go a long way to curb violence and terrorism menace in your vicinity and even globally because guns can’t end terrorism but education can. You can invent an educational app or organise a ‘Tweet chat’ or organize social awareness campaigns to educate people that will teach people more about climate change or even begin with establishing a business as a great start-up that employs labour in your current vicinity.

The world is desperately in-need of new inventions and solutions to problems rather than recycling the same old tiresome logic which is complaining and crying out loud for aid. Replace complaining with making requests and taking actions that will achieve your desired outcome(s).

Billions of people are earnestly waiting for you to implore those ideas of yours that can make the world better. Believe me, people are ready to pay anything to get your solutions and ideas, no matter the price tag as long as such solutions help in solving a critical societal problem.

The same goes for business. Please don’t just start another business, solve a real problem and you will remain relevant.  Google made online search better and smarter, Amazon simplified e-commerce and YouTube made video streaming accessible to people globally.

The world can never get better if we don’t create solutions to different problems and if we want to get from where are to where we want to be, someone has to take that step of creating solutions in the world. So rather than be an incessant complainer, join the league of problem solvers. As Jim Rohn would put it, “You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.”

Sampson Malachy is a United Nation online volunteer, radio OAP and mediapreneur. He is passionate about making the world a better place for all. He tweets from @iammalachy.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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