Ben & Jerry’s Announces Plan To Introduce CBD-Infused Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Announces Plan To Introduce CBD-Infused Ice Cream

introduce ben & jerry's cbd-infused ice cream
A promo picture for the planned Ben & Jerry's cbd-infused ice cream

CBD industry is witnessing new revolutions ever since its amazing health benefits have been validated by various pieces of medical research. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis (marijuana) plant and has been proven to have multiple health benefits owing to its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. While various other compounds present in the marijuana plant create the so-called “high”, CBD is not the one responsible for the same. When extracted in isolation, CBD is a great ingredient for modern medicine (for treatment of various diseases) as well as a wonderful health supplement.

The huge sea of CBD products making waves across global markets has already attained a huge fan base. The imaginative use of CBD oil has seen new surges with CBD products like infused oils, skin care products, CBD gummies, candies, honey and chocolate bars being introduced for consumer use.

And guess what? Ben and Jerry’s CBD oil ice cream is about to hit the shelves soon!

Legal status and health benefits

So before we get on to the latest craze (as mentioned above) that’s about to hit the CBD market, let us gather a few basic facts about the legal status of CBD and the amazing health benefits that the compound promises to deliver.

While CBD products are sold under multiple brand names across the globe, it is yet to get an FDA approval for use in foods and beverages. However, the FDA does approve certain cannabis-derived drugs that are available on prescription. However, considering the various positive results from medical studies on the efficacy of CBD oil in safely treating conditions like childhood epilepsy, seizures and other mental health-related conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, there has been a huge demand for CBD products in international markets. Other health benefits of CBD like treatment of symptoms of chronic pain, spasticity, muscle tightness, arthritis, etc have been highly appreciated by the consumers as well as the medical community.

The results of the FDA’s recent public hearing held on May 31st regarding the complete legalization of CBD in the foods and beverages category is anticipated to come soon. With hopes of seeing a green flag from the agency, various brands are already considering the use of CBD as a part of their edible products.

Ben & Jerry’s CBD story

Since a nod from the FDA on the use of CBD in food products is soon anticipated, fun ideas of making it a part of some of the most sought out and delish snacks are already making rounds. And when you think of crazy ideas in the food industry, you really can’t deny the presence of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, can you? With a history of giving their fans new innovations in a fun and tasteful manner, they recently announced their commitment of coming up with a Ben and Jerry’s CBD oil ice cream as soon as they get a nod from the FDA.

With plans to use sustainably sourced CBD from companies based in Vermont, the groundbreaking flavor is all set to hit your freezers as soon as it is approved at the legal level! Get ready for some spoon-fight days ahead with Ben and Jerry’s CBD oil ice cream!


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