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Beyoncé’s Half-Baby Brother Is Homeless, But Is That Her Problem? (PHOTOS)

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Alexsandra Wright has been in the news a bit over the last few weeks for having a baby with Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce. She has also been pleading publicly for additional help after Mathew went to court and got a’s reduction in child support.

Now, she says that she and her son Nixon are officially on the street, and she has the photos to prove it.   She told In Touch that she and her son have been struggling financially, and that no one in the Knowles family is willing to help them out.  She gave birth to the child after having an affair with Mathew while he was married to his ex-wife, Tina. Since Beyonce is the most famous member of the family, Alexsandra is calling her name in public the most.

“Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé,” Alexsandra said to In Touch.

The reduction in child support occurred on March 3, which led to a drop in her monthly income from $12,000 per month to $2,400 per month.  There is no word as to whether or not a mother needs an extra $10,000 a month to take care of a four year old.

But the new ruling was applied retroactively, meaning that Mathew doesn’t have to pay a dime for another two years.

“I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother,” Alexsandra says. “I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”

This is the second time that Alexsandra has asked for money in public.  She also did an interview with Inside Edition last month saying that she would have to go on food stamps.


Financial Lovemaking questions for Alexsandra:

1) What do Beyonce and her millions have to do with your relationship with Mathew?   She didn’t ask for any of this.

2) At what point does a person need $12,000 per month in order to avoid staying off of foodstamps?

3) When did having a child with a celebrity mean that this person and his family had to take care of you for life?

4) Do you think it makes sense to sleep with a married man and expect that he is going to be anymore committed to you than the wife he is cheating on already?

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