Charles Ogbu: Bola Tinubu And The Fulani Oligarchs

Charles Ogbu: Bola Tinubu And The Fulani Oligarchs [MUST READ]

By Charles Ogbu | Op-Ed Contributor on March 28, 2017
APC Bola Tinubu, Fulani Oligarchs, Muhammadu Buhari
FILE: APC Presidential Candidate and Former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, APC Chieftain Chief Ogbonnaya Onuh, APC Chieftain, Chief Bisi Akande and Former Lagos State Governor and APC Chieftain, Senator Bola Tinubu during an executive meeting of the APC Presidential Campaign Council held at the Campaign headquarter in Abuja on January 26, 2015 | Sunday Aghaeze

The Fulani don’t share power. They never did. They never will. Anyone who think otherwise is a political illiterate.

When it comes to political power, the fulani keep neither friends nor allies. They only use you once they believe you can serve a particular purpose for them and once they achieved that purpose, they waste no time making sure you will never be in a position to help any other person or group achieve the same purpose you just helped them achieve.

We may think them uneducated but trust me when I say they are well sophisticated in the ways of political power. Even more sophisticated than most of you empty grammar-speaking southerner with your number-less Degrees.

In Niccolo Machiavellian’s “The Prince”, it is advised that once a Prince is helped to power, the first thing he should do is to eliminate all the kingmakers who helped him to power as that is the surest way of ensuring that these same powerful kingmakers don’t use the same influence they deployed towards installing The Prince to dethrone and replace him with another.

This is exactly what the fulanis are doing to Tinubu.

Forget the gra-gra you are seeing. Senator Bola Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, one of the smartest politicians to have walked this space and the one man who almost single handedly installed Muhammadu Buhari as President, is currently struggling to remain alive, politically.

After what they did to him in Ondo state where they used his former political ‘boy’, John Oyegun, the APC chairman to replace his preferred candidate with Akeredolu, they went a step further to strip him of his consolation title of the leader of APC. Even his own ‘boy’, Lai Mohammad categorically stated that Tinubu cannot be the leader of a party that has a president.

Now, the founder of the defunct ACN is just an ordinary APC chieftain like every other bigwigs in the party. Don’t forget, Buhari’s CPC had just one state of Nasarawa, prior to the merger. It was Tinubu that gifted him with not just his ACN states but his very powerful media houses. All the devilish propaganda and ulcer-inducing lies that ended up convincing the 15 million horde of gullible idiots who believed Mr Daura-cula could make N1=to 1$ were made possible by Tinubu’s media.

Now, some group of illiterates cowheads known as the Fulani cabal who didn’t take part in any of these have gone to yank off the gravely ill Muhammadu Buhari from his hospital bed abroad just to ensure that Tinubu’s ‘boy’ Osinbajo’s growing influence and popularity is curtailed.

From his photograph, you need not be a medical expert to know that the badly lettered highly vindictive ex-treasonous chief fulani herdsman called Muhammadu Buhari is in terrible shape and in dire need of a permanent medical leave. But, in order to ensure that Tinubu does not get to steal the show from them through his political godson, Osinbajo, the scions of Danfodio went and brought back Buhari.

Now, the little breath of fresh air we experienced under Osinbajo as acting president is gone. The highly lettered law professor has been sent back to the political kitchen. Even the so called president, Buhari, is nowhere to be found.


Has any of you seen your president?  Has any of you heard directly from him??

Do you even know that president Buhari cannot even rule himself as we speak?

The destiny of over 180 million people is now in the hands of some political terrorists who have no limit to how far they are willing to go just so they would acquire, wield and retain political power.

I do not lay claim to superior intelligence over anyone but I’ve studied “The Fulanis And Power” the exact way some of you studied whatever it is you read in school and I can categorically tell you that even if it means putting Buhari on Life support till Thy Kingdom Come, Mamman Daura and his crew will do it as long as no one that is not one of them smells that seat.

Even in the event of Buhari’s demise, Osinbajo will not be made President. Recall how they came up with the report that he spent millions of Naira on his gatehouse? If you think impeachment is such an alien word, just wait until the Fulanis want you impeached.

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an experienced politician. One of the best, actually. When ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to turn Nigeria to a One Party state, Tinubu singlehandedly made sure he failed when he protected his Alliance For Democracy (A.D) with all he’s got. He fought tyrants like Abacha and almost paid the ultimate price. The story of Nigeria’s democracy will not be complete without his name being mentioned.


For his role in Buhari’s 2nd missionary journey as Nigeria’s President, Senator Bola Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu has pitched his tent on the wrong side of history.

History will remember Tinubu as a man who fought a murderous dictator but ended up foisting another murderous dictator on his compatriots for reasons not unconnected with sheer greed.

The ex Lagos state governor know Buhari better than any man alive. He knew about all the atrocities the daura-born ex-soldier committed during his short stint as head of state. He is not even unaware of the fact that the Fulanis don’t share power with even their mothers.

The only reason the strong man of Lagos politics, Tinubu, joined forces with Buhari was because having known the latter’s medical record, he felt the God who did it for Jonathan could look unto him with mercy and also do it for him by sending Muhammadu Buhari on the same permanent errand he sent his fellow Katsina kinsman, the good man Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

Argue this from now till 2019, deep down, you know that this is the truth and I know that you know.

For Tinubu and virtually all Nigerian politicians, politics is business, not an avenue to better the lives of the common man.

He will be remembered as a man who voluntarily walked his compatriots back to the dark ages out of greed.

No man, no matter how powerful can make a private bargain with history.

 Charles Ogbu is a social media activist. Connect with him on Facebook.

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