Nigeria: A Depressed Nation After 2 Years Of Buhari’s Misrule (READ)

Nigeria: A Depressed Nation After 2 Years Of Buhari’s Misrule (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on March 28, 2017
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General Muhammadu Buhari, arrives the Eagle Square for his Inauguration in Abuja, Nigeria, Friday, May 29, 2015. (Photo Credit: AP/Sunday Alamba)

Today is yet another anniversary, March 28th will remain a crucial and unforgettable date in the democratic archives of our great nation, Nigeria.

Two years ago the nation was thrown into jubilation, and extreme cheerfulness, in view of the victory of the All Progressive Congress Party victory at the presidential polls, that brought an untimely end to the defunct People’s Democratic Party leadership of sixteen years.

It was very obvious that the results and victory of the APC party at the polls was as a result of the irresponsible governance, and absence of a clearcut political will to turn around the situation of Nigeria and Nigerians, it is obvious that the sixteen years of their leadership was the dark days of our nation.

Despite the favourable and appreciative economic indices and incomes there is far too little developmental stride convincing enough to show that this figures March with what is on ground.

Factually, the outright plundering of our nation’s wealth went to its peak and became a reoccurring decimal. Corruption was legalised, institutionalised and celebrated with no shame nor fear of the law catching up with them.

We basked in the euphoria knowing that the seed of change was successfully planted and we followed we key interest to see how this seed will germinate and metamorphose into what we have long desired,wished and prayed for, we believe that their will be some quick turnaround and transformation from what used to be,
what ought to be.

Thou the narrative changed, when we found out that the apostles of the gospel of change spend the first year in adjusting and coming to terms with the present realities and circumstances of our nation.

Conclusively this apostles were simply not ready for governance nor were they ready to preach the gospel of change as we envisaged. Though there have been some feasible improvement in the security of Nigerians and Nigeria, with regards to the tremendous success recorded by the Nigerian Army in its war against Boko Haram and degradation of the insurgent groups,

My concern, then, how happy have Nigerians been two years after?

Have we been more depressed or are happy with our present realities?

United Nations global happiness index have placed Nigeria as number ninety fifth (95) global index ranking of happy nation’s.

The last two years have indeed been a sad and depressed one for many Nigerians, high hopes were dashed, expectations were squashed, many lost their jobs and source of livelihood, the economic downturn, tore the joy of many, at some point many were walking corpses and the skyrocketing of prices of foods have made many families displaced and starving.

I shall, in days ahead examine objectively key sectors of the nation and give answers to some national questions, and reveal answers to do many issues that have shaped and redefined our nation in the last two years.

David Tanko is a journalist with Elanze News, a Kaduna-based online newspaper. 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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