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Boss Goes Undercover To Monitor Workers, But Broke Down In Tears After Seeing THIS (VIDEO)

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The hardworking nature of an employee of a company, identified only as Angela paid her off in a way that she least expected.

The Chief Executive of the company had gone undercover to monitor his staff members and was particularly struck by Angela’s dedication to duty.

Posing as a new hire, Joey listened and observed carefully as Angela explained customer service, how to work the floor, and all other aspects of the job to him.

Joey, whose real name is Mitchell Modell, the CEO of Modell’s sporting goods had disguised himself and Angela was lucky after all.

Through the duration of the supposed training video which was later shared on Youtube, Mitchell pretended to be a new employee in order to see what his staff members usually get up to in his company.

His heart was broken at the end of the training after he learnt that Angela is an impeccable employee who has struggled for most of her life and was even living in a homeless shelter with her three children.

Angela remained dedicated with a strong mindset that things would only get better as long as she remained focused.

Modell apparently broke down in tears as he listened to Angela’s story and at the end of it all, he decided to surprise her with a lifetime gift.

He offered her a huge sum of money which would be well over enough to get her off the homeless shelter and fend for some of her other needs.

Angela couldn’t help the tears as she kept screaming at the brink of collapse but not without expressing how grateful she is to her boss.

Watch the footage below:

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