Buhari Diagnosed With Cancer By London Doctors

Buhari Diagnosed With Cancer By London Doctors

By News Express NGR on June 8, 2016
Presidential Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, shown here on June 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa. | Mujahid Safodien/AFP/Getty Images

President Muhammadu Buhari has been diagnosed with cancer, according to sources at the London hospital where he reportedly underwent medical check-up.

The Nigerian leader arrived in London on Monday, June 6, 2016 on a 10-day vacation, his spokesman, Femi Adesina announcing a day in advance: “During the holiday, he will see an E.N.T. specialist for a persistent ear infection. The president was examined by his Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated. Both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.”

A source told News Express this morning, “President Buhari went for check-up hours after he arrived in London. The hospital has discovered the cause of Mr President’s illness to be cancer of the ear and brain. Let us start praying.”

The source, who is well connected in government circles, gave the name of the hospital as Royal Hospital London. He said he was given the information by medical sources at the hospital who have been his longtime friends.

Just yesterday the news filtered in that Buhari has also been battling “a terrible cough” and may need to spend more than 10 days in London to enable him seek adequate medical treatment.

Mr. Adesina, however, continues to insist that the President “is fit as a fiddle.”

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  1. We are praying for our presidents quickest recovery from whatever ailment that’s bedeviled him,and we’re sure d God that heal would not abandon him.Be healed #PMB,and come home to continue d good works u started for Nigeria.

  2. We should pray for our leaders, even if he has wrong policies,if you pray that your enemy should die, remember you may be someone’s enemy who may be praying for you to die too.

  3. Whether this is true or not true.
    We must keep our differences aside,
    come together as a people to pray for Mr president to be permanent heal of this deadly diseases.

  4. The blood of those he killed have clogged up into his brain to cause Cancer.Just like what happened to Yar’adua,this is the beginning of his end

  5. May the healing power of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ who died also for the president and all humanity be extended to our president in a time like this. Jesus, send your healing and deliverance word to him and heal. Let him complete his term in office in Jesus name. Psalm 107:20

  6. Our President will not die of Cancer, will rule us to the end ,will respond to treatment immediately ,we are missing you seriously and by the grace of God and Allah you are coming home safely.

  7. Comment:We voted for you in Ondo state dear President, workers in Ondo state are suffering come home safe to help us out of the hands of stagnation. Be healed ,rise up and work .

  8. I have prayed for for you and you will rip what you sow. If you killed innocent people, may you join them, may their blood torment you till you join them but if not, may you have peace and quick recovery. Amen.

  9. It is a pity for these of you that wished your fellowing human beings dead,don’t forget that power belongs to our Creator God, He gives n take when He wishes without anybody question Him. Who are we to judges ourselves? Don’t forget that nothing is hidden from Him.D pple that wished him death are the one that dead bf his time. If you wish him death what is your gain n d rewards?All of us are going to die one day too

  10. Y is it DAT all the northern president are having one formd of disease which may eventually kill them, This is God telling us that the northerners have ruled us for too long it is time for south east and south south

  11. My heart bleeds! If my has fought against sentiments and unite the national, believe me Nigerian would unite even in our supplications for his healing, but now we are divided.
    Nevertheless, please don’t wish him the worst, get well soon PMB

  12. The lives you took would not let you live… You must surely die ? for the wages of sin is death. And a wizard is not suppose to be suffered to live. You must reap what you have sowed.

    • Just as jona took d life of beloved soldiers and left dem widout weapons to d hands of book boys.May he also rot in hell if dat is your wish for our dear president.
      Whatever you wish for him shall be your portion down to your 7th generations in hundred folds.Amen.

  13. Maxwell, what will you gain in wishing somebody dear? Do you know what will kill u and when u are going to die? Do u know what will happen to u in five minutes time? Let’s be very careful with way we are using our tongues. All our leaders both from north,south,east and west are the same and I don’t see Nigeria becoming better even if a leader comes from another region and even with u Maxwell becoming the president of this country. All we need is God to intervene in this country. Common Maxwell let’s be at least mature in our thinking and the way we speak for once. May God have mercy on us all.


  15. Yea.We may have our grievances against our PMB and his leadership so far, but not to d extent of wishing him death.May God grant him healing in Jesus name.

  16. Maxwell and Biafra or what do you people call yourselve, do you know when you are going to die? Do you know what will kill you and when you are going to die? Let me tell you all our leaders be it from east,south,north and west are all the same. There is no assurance that Nigeria will become better if another man from another region comes to power even if the two of you become president of Nigeria. Only God can intervene in our situation. Why can’t we at least be mature for a while and use our tongues as civilized people. Remember u don’t know what will happen to u even five minutes from now. I advice you guys to be careful with the way u use ur tongue. May God help us.

  17. I cannot judge but can only wish him what God has already commanded. Let him reap whatever he has sewn. If he has NOT stolen public money that belong to all Nigerians, or misused his power to maim and kill other people, then I pray for him to be healed. But if not, let him be tormented by his afflictions until maggots and leeches devour all his body organs, then he be taken into hell fire where he shall remain to burn till the end of time.

  18. Who sayeth a thing and cometh to pass when God has not spoken: …… preparation of the thought is from man and answer of the tongue is from the Lord: He sent forth His word and healed them; in the name that is above every other name JESUS CHRIST, MOHAMMED BUHARI, YOU ARE HEALED! MAA.

  19. May Allah protect Buhari from his enemies and I wish him quick recovery and for those wishing him dead should also remember dat they’ll die one day and meet their creator

  20. So when he was giving orders to his army of terror against innocent citizens without arts you didn’t pray but chosed to now that God has allowed this terrible infirmity on him? Let him repent first and ask for forgiveness!

  21. Praying for him will be OVERDOSE since he is on free medical care. Please pray for millions of Nigerians who don’t have even hospitals to go to, nor money to buy APC. Let’ s pray for such to recover.

  22. let Him Resign, remember what happend to your follow northernan on that seat, PRESIDENT pls use yr brian, i wish u quick recovery

  23. But the Presidential Spokesman says he is hail and herty? This APC people, even lieing with Mr. Presidents health, shame….

  24. God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, d Jehova Rapha. Jesus by ur stripes healing flow, d helm of ur garment also carry healing annointing, who is like unto Thee, make d unbeliever begin to respect u. U also heal by pronoucement of d word pls heal my president (PMB) of Nigeria from all ailment, i kw u hv not fail me wat soever i ask frm U & ds will not b exception. Amen, Amen & Amen.

  25. I can only wish Buhari what he wish Biafrians, Let God judge Buhari how he judged the beheaded Igbo woman. That is all i can say.

  26. My dear fellow Nigerians let always pray good for our leaders. I pray for quick recovery of my president .Long live Buhari, long live for those who don’t want Buhari.

  27. O’Lord may your will be done. Jesus says I am the way, the truth and life , whosoever believes in me shall never die, though he dies shall he rise again.
    God of mercy , pls have mercy on our country Nigeria, forgive us and our president our trespasses, that we might repent and amend our ways and make Heaven at last in Jesus name Amen. Pls merciful father heal our country and that of our president in Jesus name Amen.

  28. If he hv gud intension for our great country may
    God heal him and give him de opportunity 2 accomplishe it otherwise may he never experience peace until he so suffer dat he begs his fellow folani herdsmen to slouter him de way dey slouter our brothers and sisters in enugu.

  29. Guys! people out there are suffering… since this new govt entered.. thing tripled… not even double. How do you expect the poor ones to cope. Most of them go to bed with an empty stomach crying to God. Meanwhile Mr president is flying overseas with money worth of atleast 2billion naira per trip. What you guys don’t understand here is that God hears the cry of the poor. Am Good to pray for our leaders rather than complain. Am millions are praying…. And to me God is intervening now. thanks.
    Speed recovery Mr president.

  30. May God heal our President in Jesus name amen. All the counsel of Ahitophel will come to naught in Jesus name amen. By His stripes Muhammadu Buhari you are healed.

    • God’s will must come into contact with man’s will, and then the work is done…………………..The will of God must be done

  31. Only God knows to what extent you selfish and greedy Igbos will take your bitterness.That is why you are always having problems in Nigeria. During Jonathan s presidency,you had a field day, now you are all bitter because things are no longer in your favour. Are there no herdsmen during Jonathan s time. What did he do about it. You want things to be in your favour at every turn of events. Stupid, greedy and selfish people. I before Others mentality. You better pack your baggages and all of you relocate to your forsaken south east and let the rest of us have peace.

  32. Prayer is the solution to all challenges. Whoever loves his country must pray for his or her leaders. Nigerians let us pray for our president

  33. it’s really a pity. make Christ your lord and personal savior. accept Christ now that you are alive .cos if you reject him, he will also reject you that day. pray to that who accepts Christ but for that who rejects Christ’s, I cannot judge.

  34. Lolzzz May Allah SubhanawataAllah heal our dearest,hardworking n corrupt free President nd to d biafrans u just proved how vulnerable nd wicked n heartless u ppl can be,we Nigerians are gono fight u ppl wit d last drop of our bblood,no more igbos on d presidential seat InshaAllah**battle of Badr n uhud*has just began!!!watchout

    • Lol Maryam,

      As if you are God. For all we know it is the last time a Northern Muslim or any Muslim sits as president of Nigeria.

  35. Jesse and his co travellers are unbelievers, they need to accept Chirst first and be a partaker in His saving grace. But the thought of man is not the same as GOD. Man should know his limitations. May they be forgiving for they know not the workings of the power of God.

  36. God is the judge of all, hatetred belongs to the devil. Jesus came to preach love, prophet Mohammed(SAW) preached peace. Love and peace are synonymous and complementary. Let us accept our differences and be stronger in our diversity. Those who preach war no nothing about war. Go to Syria, Sudan, Libya to mention a few and count the number of orphans, maimed and handicapped (fallout of war). Let the drums remain silent and let’s see where we’ve got it wrong. Selfishness and parochialism should stay off please. God bless Nigeria.

  37. God is the judge of all, hatetred belongs to the devil. Jesus came to preach love, prophet Mohammed(SAW) preached peace. Love and peace are synonymous and complementary. Let us accept our differences and be stronger in our diversity. Those who preach war no nothing about war. Go to Syria, Sudan, Libya to mention a few and count the number of orphans, maimed and handicapped (fallout of war). Let the drums remain silent and let’s see where we’ve got it wrong. Selfishness and parochialism should stay off please. God bless Nigeria.

  38. buhari is a vampire he has send many people to there graves now they are tormenting him no amount of money or drugs will save him God only help those that shows remorse for there sins but his heart is proud of his crimes so after this torture he will finally dies and cast to hell fire for his crime against biafra people

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