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‘I Visited Every Local Government In Nigeria’: Buhari Drops Presidential Gaffe [WATCH]

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President Muhammadu Buhari has dropped another presidential gaffe in a recent interview with The Osasu Show. 

While trying to dispel news reports that his presidency has been hijacked by a powerful cabal led by his nephew, Mamman Daura, the president claimed that he visited “every local government in Nigeria” during his presidential campaigns.

That is clearly not true. Buhari visited every state and not every local government. And come to think of it, nobody can visit a local government because it is not a place. So, let us take it that he meant to say ‘local government area’, which is fair enough, the comment would still be untrue.

The president is a stranger to gaffes. The notable mis-speaks of his presidency are the West Germany and President Michelle remark that embarrassed the country soon after he became president.

When the interviewer asked the president to respond to the reports, confirmed by his wife, Aisha, that elements in Aso Rock had taken over the government and he was more or less, a ceremonial president,  the president dismissed the reports saying, “I don’t know where they get their news from.”

“I stood for the election, I visited every local government in Nigeria, I travelled by road, by air, and so on, and we had one of the most credible election. So whoever feels he has lost somehow is his own problem, I have no problem.”

You may watch a clip from the interview which was posted on YouTube on September 28, 2016.

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