3 Reasons To Buy LED Light Up Shoes For Your Kids… And...

3 Reasons To Buy LED Light Up Shoes For Your Kids… And 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t

By Ali Dino | Tech Contributor on June 28, 2018
led light up shoes

If you grew up in the 90s, you know very well that light up shoes was a big thing for the young generation at that time. You’re not the cool kid in school when you don’t wear the shoes with blinking light every time you walk. It seems like trend always finds a way to back again. Today, we are witnessing the light up shoes become a stylish trend again and yes, now it’s time for our kids to embrace it.

Kids today are easily updated with the latest trend including fashion trend. Nobody wants to become the same kid who is behind the latest style. Like when they are looking for a new pair of shoes, they would like to get the LED light up shoes or in their language today, they call it Light Ups.

I believe as a parent you can understand why your kids want the shoes so bad. You were once in their position. But as the adult, you have more to consider rather than pampering your children with everything they want. Surely light up shoes would cost more than the ordinary sneakers and this one alone is worth to consider. But more than that, it is also important to consider whether the light up shoes are actually good for your kids.

Let us consider the benefits from the light up shoes for kids. So, here are the benefits we can reveal:

led light up shoes

Improve Toe Walking

The shoes’ LED lamps will light up when the wearers walk on their toes. This will train your kids to always walk on their heels and at the same time it helps them to improve foot motion.

Encourage Kids to be More Active

As it is exciting for the kids to light up the lamps on their shoes, they will be encouraged to be more active. They will walk more often and even doing activities involving running and jumping. This is a good way to introduce them to sports activities and help them to stay healthy and fit.

Improve Safety

School kids are often spending time outdoors. Wearing light up shoes will make them easily noticeable while walking on the side of the streets. This will provide better safety measure.

In the name of fairness, it is only right to also describe possible bad things about the LED light up shoes for kids. Here are the things to consider:


Glowing lights on the shoes are exciting for kids but it is also distracting for them. Especially for preschoolers, it would be hard to make them pay attention and focus on one thing. Light up shoes can be a big distraction for them at school.

Promoting Peer Pressure

Like any other trendy thing, the trend of light up shoes can promote peer pressure. Kids who don’t wear this shoes because they’re unable to afford it will lose their confidence and feel ashamed.

Not Environmental Friendly

The light up shoes require a battery as power source. The more the kids walk, the faster the battery to run our power. Batteries are not environmental friendly both its manufacturing process and the old batteries as waste.

Those are the good and bad thing about LED light up shoes for kids. It’s you to decide whether Light Ups shoes would be suitable for your kids.


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