Where College Students Do Their Homework And What It Says About Their...

Where College Students Do Their Homework And What It Says About Their Personality Type

By Opinions | The Trent on November 30, 2017
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Every single college student across the world all have one thing in common, one single thing that they all must go through as a rite of passage: college level homework. Homework represents the basis for all college classes, and it’s the most common method that teachers use to help students retain information. Some teachers lecture for hours on a completely unrelated topic to the class and then assign homework that will dictate what is on the test, so college students all must face the music, sit down, and do some real work. (At least that’s the idea) Where college students actually study and do their homework tells a lot about whom they are and how they learn, and ultimately their personality type.

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Personality Types


For instance, a student that might have to go to the library whenever they need to do homework has a more independent personality. They need the quiet, calm, isolated environment in a library to be able to focus and finish their homework. They are diligent enough to take all their books, papers, and computer to the library and can re-assemble their office in the library all by themselves.

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If a college student studies in their dorm/apartment/house, they have more of a social personality. This is because they’re going to have to deal with people constantly coming and going, in and out, bothering them and distracting them. They also have to be good multi-taskers, precisely because they will always have phones ringing, TVs on, and other distractions to keep them from finishing their work.

In Traffic

If you catch a student doing homework in the car while they’re stuck in traffic, you know that student is a habitual procrastinator. They probably waited until the day the homework was due, pulled an all nighter to even finish the first half, and now they’re furiously trying to finish everything just in time. Don’t be like this guy waiting until the last minute to pick a topic for your essay, setting on a terrible topic. Start your research early and pick your topic. If you’re still unsure where to start, look for online guides like the one posted here.

Even worse than the habitual procrastinator is the cheater. The cheater you’ll find busily copying someone else’s homework right outside of class just before the teacher gets there. This guy/girl is only going to college to party and doesn’t care about learning at all. They’re most likely to drop out and start their own high tech company that doesn’t really do anything.

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Coffee Shops

Maybe you’ll see a college student doing homework at a Starbucks or other on-campus coffee house. There are two types of Starbucks college students – the ones that are snobby and make everyone else look at them while they pretend to do work and post their “working” selfies on Instagram, and the ones that are so unmotivated they have to be around other people that are working in order to get anything done. You don’t want to be in either of these groups.

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At a Family Member’s Home

Moving along, you may also find a student studying at their parents’ house. They are either living at home to save money, and since they’re not doing anything else (since they’re saving money) they might as well study and get good grades; or they’re stuck living at home because they can’t afford the rent money and hate it. This type will do the homework because they want to get a better life using their college degree.


In conclusion, college students all have to study, and where they study can have a strong correlation to their personality type. Look at your friends and where they study and start to notice the similarities to their personalities today!

Louis Stone is a former professor with over nineteen years of experience in academia. He’s seen every twist, turn, and challenge that has faced higher education over many decades and is happy to contribute to The Trent.

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