Customized va Pre-Designed Themes: Which Option Is Appropriate For You?

Customized va Pre-Designed Themes: Which Option Is Appropriate For You?

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You want to create a website which is built on WordPress. It is likely that you have made plans regarding everything, which includes even planning the functionality and also the basic designs. You have also decided upon the theme, and which Plugins which you will be using.

However, the competitive nature of today’s market makes it very tough for a new website to set up for itself a strong presence online. To do this, you shall require both a visually appealing site which is entirely functional, but you must also create a strong brand identity.

WordPress is today the most convenient and popular platform for creating a website. It has a wide range of Plugins and themes. So, if you are making a website for portfolio management, a website that will supply food online or even an e-commerce site then you would still find a proper theme for your website in WordPress.

Which theme is suitable for you?

However, are you sure that that is the theme you would want to have? You can create a website with a theme which is pre-built or would you instead give your website a bit of uniqueness by adding a customized theme. Many site owners integrate pre-designed WordPress themes with their websites and then build the other elements of the website according to that theme. Some site owners get a customized theme developed from web designing companies and then use it to give an exclusive appearance to their website.

However, every business is different, and each has his its varying requirements. Hence, in the end, the choice of using either pre-designed or customized theme for WordPress depends primarily on an individual’s personal preference. In this article, you shall learn of some basic differences between custom and pre-made themes for WordPress, and this will help you in making an informed decision for your business website.

Pre-designed WordPress themes

Pre-designed WordPress themes are themes which have been developed and created by various other developers, and then accessible online. These themes can be seen to be easily accessible officially on WordPress websites and also on different third-party sites. The best part of using such themes is in their affordability and also their future-proofing. Some themes can be a bit more costly than others, but they will all be under a hundred dollars. You can choose any theme for your website, and you shall see it has been priced reasonably. You shall also find a wide range of themes that are available, and you can make your choice from them. Whatever your business industry might be but you shall always find an appropriate theme for it to be used on your WordPress website. Future-proofing is available for pre-designed WordPress themes. WordPress themes have a regular upgrade and are available with various customizable elements. You should remember to check where you purchase your theme from, find out if the developer is renowned, how his coding standards for theme building are, whether they offer 24/7 customer support, et cetera.

Customized WordPress Theme

Why would you feel like getting a customized them developed separately when you have plenty of affordable options available online? A customized WordPress theme will have a broader approach towards building websites. You shall have a more unique design for your online business. You will also be the only person who has the authority to manage it. Customized websites will set you apart from others. Customized WordPress themes mean customized looks and functionalities.

You can add or remove any functionality easily in accordance with your preferences and requirements. For instance, you can remove the navigation menu from the header or add an image slider. Building a customized theme will be a bit costly, but the extra investment is entirely worth it because you will have complete ownership and management over it. It will provide you with more freedom to play around with the visual elements of your website. Choose a web designing company who will ensure you get regular updates and also constant customer support to fix problems which can crop up anytime.

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There are plenty of options available today for you to choose from when it comes to the web design and theme of your WordPress website. Pre-designed themes can be easily available online and are inexpensive. If you have a short budget, then you can definitely try them. However, if budget is not your immediate concern, then you can choose to get customized theme as it will help your website stand out from the crowd and make it more distinguished. It is all a matter of personal choice and requirements.


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