Dear Buhari, You Need To Free Nnamdi Kanu… Because You Are Guilty...

Dear Buhari, You Need To Free Nnamdi Kanu… Because You Are Guilty Of Worse (READ)

Nnamdi Kanu Biafra, IPOB, Muhammadu Buhari
Indigineous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu appears in court on Wednesday, December 22, 2015 | Facebook

Nnamdi Kanu is on my mind. Mr. Buhari, free Nnamdi Kanu. Why is he still in jail? This is not right. Let me repeat what I have been saying: Our collective silence on the new tyranny in Nigeria is our collective shame. Mr. Buhari, free Nnamdi Kanu.

I ask again: What has Nnamdi Kanu done and said that Buhari has not done and said? Why is one noisemaker in Aso Rock while the other is in jail? Why? How is Radio Biafra different from Radio Kudirat? Why stop at Nnamdi Kanu?

Those who chanted chaos on Radio Kudirat, those who sponsored and ran their mouths on Radio Kudirat should be in jail, it is a long list: Professor (now Senator) Olusola Adeyeye, Professor Mobolaji Aluko, Roseline Okosun, Ikhide, etc., etc.., we should all be clamped in jail for daring to fight for the right of Buhari to run his mouth in a democracy. Why are we like this? I ask again: Why are we free and Nnamdi Kanu is not free? What has he done to deserve this long separation from his family? His words have not killed a soul, but Buhari whose incendiary words killed hundreds of people is now president of our country.

Nigeria is a country that is run by strong personal opinions instead of robust structures, laws and regulations. Where are the laws to hold Kanu and Buhari accountable?

What is good for Kanu should be good for Buhari and all of us who have rattled Nigeria’s cages for freedom for our people. There is absolutely no reason why Nnamdi Kanu is in jail. Our silence jails us in the quagmire of our cowardice. Why have a voice of you can’t use it? Why write if it helps only your wallet? Speak up, speak up, Buhari is turning Nigeria into a Gulag.

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  1. I don’t think that the writer knows the weight of “treason” This is a capital punishment in most nation. In the unity for ethnicity, we always triumph in crime.

    • Let me guess, you are a Northern Muslim, one of the parasites who contribute nothing to Nigeria except terrorism, illiteracy and child rape in the name of child marriages. Then I can see why you would name something “treason” when it’s not.

      Truth is that God will deliver Nigeria from Muhammadu Buhari. God will remove him and disgrace him. Not only that, Buhari will end up at the Hague for crimes against humanity and genocide.

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