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Dear Ladies: Here Are Ways To Show Your Man That You Appreciate Him

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Each and every day you wake up next to your man is a blessing; you get to spend another day with the person you love.

But when both of you live hectic lives, it can be hard to show him that you really value him as much as he values you. If you’re not working late, he’s working late. Sometimes you’re bothworking late, and this can lead to stress and a relationship that thrives on opportunist moments together, such as a quick breakfast before you both dash off to work, or a half hour of relaxation after work before you have to hit the hay once again.

So if you’re looking to show your man that you really do appreciate him, let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Start With Food

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your grandma knew it, your mom knew it, but do you know it? And if you do, have you really been showing your man that you know it?

While it’s not right for a woman to cook every single meal for her man in the 21st century, if you rustle up a feast now and then, he will certainly appreciate it and will fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

Give Him Some Guy Time

Life sometimes gets hectic when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes both of you just need a little bit of space and time apart to cool off and do something with other people.

Your man will certainly appreciate it if you are big enough to allow him a little bit of the space he had before you got together. Let him see his friends this weekend or have a video game night. You could even be kind enough to let him go out on the town for some beers with the boys.

Praise Him To Your Parents

Although praising your man in private is all well and good and makes him feel valued, perhaps you don’t praise him enough in public.

The next time you both go to see your parents, why not build him up to them? Talk about his talents and how you’re so proud of him. Highlight his recent achievements to make him feel appreciated and show him that you admire him. It isn’t gushing; you’re simply proud of your man, and you want others to see how awesome he really is.

Listen To Him

Okay, so your man’s got a brand new video game about killing zombies. You really aren’t interested, but he seems like he really wants to tell you all about.

“So there’s these zombies that I have to destroy …”

As you’re preparing dinner, all you can think is “Why is he telling me this?”

Your natural instinct is to cut him short by telling him you’re busy. But this hurts him. He just wants to talk to you, even if it is about some silly video game.

If you want to show him you appreciate him, listen to him when he wants your undivided attention. Even if he is discussing the merits of a brand new coffee machine at work.

Let Him Have His Dreams

“Honey, I want to climb Mount Everest.”

“And who’s going to look after the kids, clean the house, pay the bills, visit our parents? Have you thought about that? No, of course not!

Rather than put a dampener on his dreams instantly, you should hear them out. Even if they do seem unreasonable at first, at least talk to him about how they can be achieved. Give him some hope! Your interactions need to start from a positive mindset rather than a negative one. Yes, his dreams might be unrealistic, but it’s important that you understand where he is coming from and offer him some support.

Wear His Favourite Dress

Okay, by this we mean that you should wear the dress he loves you in.

Not the dress he loves himself in.

Um. Yeah.

Unless he’s into that stuff.

Moving on!

Take Care Of Yourself

If you value your man the way he values you, you wouldn’t be letting yourself go so much. You’d be taking care of yourself by eating the right things, working out, and giving up the bad habits he hates so much, such as smoking.

It’s all so easy to take care of ourselves before we become an item; once we’re attached, we find that we’re so comfortable we decide to let ourselves go. You can’t do this if you want to show him that you appreciate him.

Surprise Him With A Gift

Women love surprises. Of course we do. But so do men.

If your man is feeling a bit low recently because all his money is going on bills, why not show that you appreciate all that he does for you by buying a him a surprise? It doesn’t need to be something ridiculously expensive; something creative and simple, such as his favourite beers, can often be enough. It’s the gesture that counts, and it can really brighten his day. It lets him know that you’re thinking about him.

Make Him A Priority

It’s time to clear your schedule and put your man and his needs first this weekend. Cancel everything that isn’t really necessary and give him your attention. He’s missed you. Switch off your phone and don’t check your emails. Work has been getting in the way of the pair of you recently, and now it’s time to just relax together. Aww.

Tell Him!

Sometimes, the simplest and yet most effective way of letting your man know that you appreciate him is not burning his dinner and setting the kitchen on fire because you wanted to cook a 5-meal feast; it isn’t letting him blow up zombies all weekends with his crazy mates; nor is it even wearing that tight dress you haven’t squeezed into for five years.

Sometimes it’s just telling him that you appreciate what he does for you.

Stay happy!

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