Dumb-Dumber: Bank Robber Arrested After Giving Details Of Heist On Instagram Video...

Dumb-Dumber: Bank Robber Arrested After Giving Details Of Heist On Instagram Video [WATCH]

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The saying that common sense is not coming is actually very real as this alleged bank robber’s pride in what he had done led to his arrest. 23 year old Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca was arrested on Monday, May 4, 2015 in Virginia Beach, Virginia about 20 minutes after he robbed the Towne Bank, according to police, the suspect posted an instagram video that gave a first-person perspective of the robbery.

He may have indirectly helped investigators and prosecutors build their case because of this singular act. He also posted a photo of his hold up note which allegedly the female teller at the bank. The note read; “I Need $150,000 Bands Right Now!! Please Police take 3 to 4 minutes to get here, I would appreciate if you Ring the alarm a minute after I am gone… make sure the money doesnt blow up on my way out. :-)”

Police say the teller have him an unspecified amount of money and then he left the bank. However, he insists that the did not rob the bank as he did not have any weapon on him and the teller was not pressured to give him the money. In his words, “I don’t know how I’m a robber because I asked for it. She could have said no, and I could have left,” he told the station.

Alfonseca said he posted the evidence to protect himself from accusations that he was armed in case he was arrested. “A robbery is going in and demanding something and taking the money, I didn’t do that.” Alfonseca elaborated his unique theory of income distribution.

“I’m basically asking permission for money,” he said. “In my eyes, I did not commit a robbery, and I feel I’m being charged without reason.”

He is currently being remanded at the Virginia Beach jail and he is due in court June 12 but he believes he will be found innocent of all charges. “Police told me, ‘We are just doing our job,’ and I don’t think they even believe there was a crime,” Alfonseca said.


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