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Estranged Wife of Singer Harryson Exposes His ‘Bedwetting’, Incest Origins, Other Secrets

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LAGOS, Nigeria — The estranged wife of Nigerian highlife musician Harrysong, Alexer Peres, has vehemently denied accusations that she became pregnant by another man while still married to the singer.

The allegations were made public during a live Instagram session by Harrysong, stirring controversy and drawing widespread attention.

During the session, Harrysong claimed he married into a family with a history of promiscuity, specifically mentioning that Peres’ mother had been married multiple times and continued to cheat in her current marriage.

Nigerian Highlife Singer Harrysong in an undated photo | Courtesy Harrysong

He stated that his ex-wife informed him of her pregnancy a year after they had ceased intimate relations, suggesting the child could not be his.

“My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year. She was pregnant with another man inside my marriage,” Harrysong is reported as saying.

“The only thing I did was to ask her to return to her family. I needed time to get to know her because I didn’t know who she really was. I married her because people said she was a loyal, humble and God-fearing Christian.”

In response to these claims, Peres refuted the allegations, asserting that her mother had only remarried once following her father’s death.

She challenged Harrysong to provide evidence of her infidelity and accused him of projecting his insecurities onto her.

“It is Harrysong’s mother who has six children out of wedlock for six different men,” Peres retorted. She went on to allege that Harrysong was a product of incest and that he bedwets.

“Do you all know that Harrysong bed wets? Yes celebrity wey Dey piss for body. Oh so sorry to break it to u all. I also get to deal with this daily, while calling him my lord,” Peres stated.

Peres questioned Harrysong’s narrative of their relationship, suggesting it was implausible for her, as a 20-year-old girl, to have convinced a grown man to marry her.


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“You said I convinced you to get married to me? A 20-year-old girl, convincing a full grown man to get married to her? Please make me understand, never knew I was married to a robot, Who couldn’t make decisions for himself. Same you who told me your ex-girlfriend used charms on you,” she remarked.

Peres also defended her mother, clarifying that she had only remarried after becoming a widow, which she noted is not a crime.

“My mum only remarried when she lost her husband, as I speak, she is happily married, with her dowry paid in full. Since when did it become a crime for a widow to remarry? And what do the words ’till death do us part’ mean?” she questioned.

Peres accused Harrysong of attempting to smear her reputation to divert attention from his own family’s issues.

Harrysong and wife,
Harrysong and wife, Alexer Peres, in the good days

“Pained soul why are u trying to project your insecurities on me? We all know your mum gave birth to 6 children for 6 different men. None of which she was married to. And you, a product of incest. Imagine having 5 siblings and you don’t know who their fathers are. Why throw stones, when you live in a glass house?” she asked.

To address the allegations conclusively, Peres expressed her willingness to conduct DNA tests on the children to prove her innocence.

She also claimed that Harrysong had transmitted several sexually transmitted diseases to her, except for HIV and Hepatitis B.

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