Ethnic Cleansing? NIMASA Sacks 200 Staff Of Mainly S/East, S/South Origin

Ethnic Cleansing? NIMASA Sacks 200 Staff Of Mainly S/East, S/South Origin

By Ephraim Adiele | Associate Editor on September 18, 2015
Mr. Haruna Baba Jauro, Acting Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency NIMASA (Left) receiving handover notes from Barrister Calistus Nwabueze Obi, Executive Director, Maritime Labour and Cabotage Services at the Agency’s Head Office in Lagos, July 27, 2015 (NIMASA Photo)

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has begun the process of relieving over 200 of its employees, employed during the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to 234 Press, the first batch of 25 people were on Thursday, September 17, 2015 served their dismissal letters, with most of them said to cut across junior and management staff employed by the last administration of Patrick Akpobolokemi, and the former NIMASA Director-General, Temisan Omatseye.

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It would be recalled that on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Calistus Obi was appointed as the acting Director General of NIMASA replacing Mr. Akpobolokemi, only for the Presidency to terminate his appointment barely four days later, replacing him with Haruna Baba Jauro, an indigene of Yobe State.

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According to the report, a peep into the list of sacked staff shows that most of affected staff are from the South South and South East geo-political zones.

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According to maritime industry experts, this amounts to victimization and an “ethnic cleansing” with notable maritime expert, Barrister Cajitan Ilomuanyan, saying: “this act is very unfortunate as much as it is audacious.

“What we are witnessing since the emergency of Mr. Haruna Baba Jauro is demotion of staff while he is promoting people of his region; this no doubt is creating problem for President Buhari, as this tend to create an impression that the President is against other ethnic regions”.

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  1. Comment: President M Buhari should continue to sack every BIAFRAN in any Position of Authority as he’s doing right now, because they are the cause of the troubles & problems in the country called Nigeria, how’re they the cause you may ask? they’re like JONAH in the Nigerian Ship, read the Bible book of Jonah chapter 1 & chapter 2, The Almighty GOD the very GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, the Holy One of Israel, which is their Father & their GOD, had told them to be Separate as to serve Him & worship Him alone, in Spirit & in Truth, read the Bible book of Leviticus 20 vs 1-27 & the book of 2corinthians 6 vs 14-18, but they allowed the servants of Satan the British leaders to Join them with the Sons of Satan Obasanjo & his people the Yorubas & another Sons of Satan’s right hand the Hausa-Fulani people, since then God has been burning with Jealousy against the BIAFRANS, for they’ve forgotten to serve Him alone, & have long began to serve & to worship Satan with others, Very many of them are now of the Ogboni cult which is the ancient religion of the Yorubas & some are now serving & worshipping the Demons of Islam the devils of the deserts that the Fulanis serve & worship, so as long as they continue with one Nigeria & with serving & worshipping of the Evil Spirits that Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Belewa, Awolowo, a confirmed cultist, Azikiwe, Gen Ironsi, Gowon, Muritala, Obasanjo, Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, Shonekan, Abacha, Abubakar, Umaru, Jonathan, served, the Almighty GOD will continue to punish the BIAFRANS & the Godless people that they’ve joined, so Buhari for the good of your people & your gods, sack all the BIAFRAN people in any service in your Nigeria & separate from them & their LAND, don’t listen to your senior brothers the British leaders born of Satan your Father, for every liar is of Satan, & the Almighty GOD the GOD of Israel & of BIAFRA will have MERCY on you.

  2. Why pretend it isn’t the agenda of General Buhari? He was quite clear on his nepotic tendencies in his press interview in the USA. It’s become overly irritating to hear southerners hold brief for the General. At first, I thought it would prick the conscience of Buhari to have southerners always at his defence despite his outright hate for them and his clueless leadership. Obviously, the General cares not even little for the people of the south.

  3. This ethnic cleansing will make the Biafrans much more stronger than they had ever been. You may think that their GOD is away on vacation; that is not so, HE is watching remember HE is slow to anger. When the time comes HE will make HIS people pull through.

  4. This ethnic cleansing will make the Biafrans much more stronger than they had ever been. You may think that their GOD is away on vacation; that is not so, HE is watching remember HE is slow to anger. When the time comes HE will make HIS people pull through.

  5. What is all this noise about ethnic cleansing, Biafra and what have you. I strongly believe that the intervention of God to truncate the evil plan of the wailing wailers against the vast innocent majority of Nigerians is biting so hard on their failure and uncertainty most certainly that is why their noise is amplified all in the name of ethnic cleansing, northernisation of Nigeria, selective justice, this and that forgetting that what goes around comes around. May be, they need to be reminded that the evils that men do lives after them. Who cares if we go separate ways ? Beside what is the assurance that if that happens their perceived enemies may not flourish to progress beyond their wildest misconception. To be or not to be does it really matters. No it doesn’t matter because it will not be painful that one goes with his baby factories while the other goes with his fruitless land. However, when the beat goes, the aftermath will judge who is smart and who is really foolish.

    • you speak well. That’s exactly what happened in sudan when the south sudan foolishly thought that the north will not survive without it and today they (south sudan) the biggest losers.

  6. It is a good move by the General. The Igbo or so called Biafrians are big disgrace, how can a house divided among it selves stand? that is not possible. Even as igbo man, what i have experienced among igbos is that worst. the igbos hates, betray themselves for material and monetary gains. they will sale off and even kill their own for gains. so how can show a people be united that is impossible. i have seen that the igbo elites rather sever others to make wealth rather then saving their own to keep a generation going. I am totally behind The GENERAL and he is on the right course, he should do more, let him sack all the eastern in high position in Nigeria because their are all betrayers. Biafria is a day dream actualization. the people we call children of satan like hausa and yorubas are far more better than Igbo, because the kind of love their share among their selves is admirable , they do that both in Nigerian and outside Nigeria, children of God should be know for one thing is LOVE because God is Love, if one can not love for real, he is not of God. but the BIafrian love money and material gains than loving their fellow biafrian. this is real. so how can such people be leaders, No they will always be servants. Remember that whatever a man sow that he reaps.

  7. Change is one thing that I know that is constant nd inevitable. Let Buhari nd his co-travellers keep on implementing his 97% vs 5% programme. We re watching nd recording.
    Those who collected all the money that the Igbo had, after Nigerian war wt Biafra,
    gave them 20 pounds only, intended nd swore that they( the Igbo) must beg for food in Nigeria, followed it up wt ‘Indigenization Decree’ (where multinationals were asked to sell controlling equities of their coys to Nigerians, so that the Igbo wt only 20 pounds, will lose out) , must have been, if still alive, totally disappointed. The God of the Igbo is ever alive nd this is their greatest asset which some ppl erroneously think they can change. Foolish them.

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