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PHOTOS: Ever Wondered Where The Air Hostesses Go While You Sleep On The Plane? (CLICK)

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There’s a point in every long-haul flight when they dim the lights and you know you’ll spend the next few hours trying to balance your head on a tiny sliver of headrest, before giving up and watching another film.

But where do the air stewards silently disappear off to?

Well, thanks to these behind-the-scenes pictures released by Boeing, viaTravelSkills, now we know.

While their sleeping arrangements are still cosy, they get slightly more leg room than an economy passenger. That said, they don’t get to go on a week-long holiday when they step off the plane. So, swings and roundabouts.

In some Boeing planes, the Crew Rest Departments (CRCs) sit above the passenger cabin, which is snug.

Boeing final

(Picture: Boeing)

In others, such as the Cathay Pacific 777-300ER, a secret staircase at the rear of the plane leads to the stewards’ rest area. It’s sort-of tunnel like, and they have to duck to get into it, but it sleeps eight.

Hidden staircase

(Picture: Boeing)

The beds measure 6ft by 2.5ft and have thick curtains so you can try to drown out your colleague’s snores. Oh, and the sign on the door specifies, ‘one person per bunk’.

This is where the magic happens (or not) on a Boeing 787. Dreamy.

Crew Rest Compartments, or CRCs, vary in design from plane to plane. Boeing's enormous 787 has this pimpish loft space nestled above the passenger compartment, where up to five flight attendants can catch some shuteye: Credit: Boeing

(Picture: Boeing)

Who knew all this was going on behind the scenes?

TORONTO, ON - MAY 20: A small stair case leads to a compartment of sleeping berths for long haul crew members. Located in the rear of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the berths were an option. Another two sleeping berths are at the front of the plane for the flying crew. Air Canada unveiled the new plane to it's frequent fliers and travel industry professionals at Pearson Airport. May 20, 2014.

(Picture: Boeing)

Perks vary. Some airlines offer staff sleep suits and ‘entertainment systems’ (do they just mean TVs?)


(Picture: Boeing)

As for the pilots, they have chill-out, er, chairs.


(Picture: Boeing)

Just one question: who’s flying the plane?

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