EXPOSED: UK Think-Tank Links APC With Boko Haram, Warns US To Steer...

EXPOSED: UK Think-Tank Links APC With Boko Haram, Warns US To Steer Clear Of APC (DETAILS)

By Doyin Ajayi | Sub-Editor on July 23, 2014
General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari

A conservative think-tank based in the United Kingdom has published a potentially explosive report in which it says that Nigerian opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has members linked with Boko Haram operations in the Nigeria.

Bow Group presents a report titled ‘Exposing and Defeating Boko Haram’ and published on its website. The brain-trust asserts, “An early investigation into the backers of Boko Haram and their links to the APC, followed by potential sanctions designed to prevent Nigeria becoming a future safe-haven for terrorists, and threat to UK citizens at home and abroad, therefore seems an appropriate and important strategy to prevent future terrorist threats before they take hold.”

The report which is authored by Jacob Zen, a research analyst who has written extensively about Boko Haram and Northern Nigeria, also warns the United States of America on meddling in the politics of Nigeria. “The US is playing a dangerous game,” it says.

“There are concerns in the international community and Nigeria that the U.S. Democratic Party or its advisers may be associating themselves with northern Nigerian politicians, despite reported links to Boko Haram.

“Any political pact between US officials and the APC carries risks – the US must adopt a neutral approach to the Nigerian elections and political landscape,” the report says.

The group also calls for the immediate commission of an international investigation that can bring sanctions against political and business leaders in Nigeria and abroad who are financing Boko Haram.

You may read the report HERE or download the full report HERE.


  1. It is only wise for any right thinking Nigerian to disassociate him/her self from the APC, this piece has gone on to strengthen what seem to be a perception initially, It is now clear that the sponsors of this epidemic are people that want power by all means. its sad that they want to achieve it through violence. The US and international community have done well in establishing and publicizing this fact.

    • Sorry what facts did they publish? Did they show excepts of fund transfer with boko haram? Any evidence of communication with them? What did they publish that wasn’t the same thing PDP would publish? Was this not the same structure and language Reno used when he was trying to link Sansui with boko haram? What if he was not exposed? Am sure you would still be saying the same

      • Apology but some NIGERIANS are gullible. Just tell them that salt cures ebola, they will bathe and drink with salt even till death. “A conservative think-tank based in the United Kingdom”?

        1. These are the people that have vaccine to cure ebola but tells you to wait till 2015. Keeping Africa as a perpetual seeker is the game to continually sell their finish goods and enrich their economies.

        2. Today they tells you President Jonathan is too sluggish in fighting boko haram, tomorrow it is APC that is behind it. “Divide and Rule” conspiracy to destabilise us politically.

        3. Now they tell you american drone detect where chibok girls are but later it is boko haram are faceless Islamic militant. “ISLAMIC” to cause religious dichotomy and unpeaceful nigeria.

        @bootypoppin:disqus it that Western apologetics do not know this or this is due to mass amnesia.

        Let us wake up in Africa. We are too deep into slumbering and too much of CNN and foreign cooked stories.

  2. APC APC
    APC. According to George W. Bush “The search
    is underway for those who are behind these evil acts. I’ve directed the full
    resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those
    responsible and to bring them to justice. We will make no distinction between
    the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them”. If is
    truth that APC is linked to boko Haram, there should not be any distinction
    between BOKO HARAM and Their harbors. All eyes are on you.

  3. the way they have been celebrating the insecurity in form of political campaign and accusations shows that they initiated it.

  4. It is very clear that the sponsors of boko haram are the ones very desperate for power. As we all know and can clearly read from the article Buhari promised to make governing unbearable for jonathan, and that is what has been happening with the increase in boko haram attacks since 2011 when jonathan was out-shinned him with about 59% of the votes as against his 32%. Those behind it shall all be exposed

  5. One by one they shall fall into the pit they have dug. This fact and analysis is very good for the public to know and be very wary of this APC people

  6. It is a welcome idea if we can have the international organization to help investigate the activities of the insurgent and to reveal the sponsors of the group.

  7. A man pointing a finger at someone has four pointing at him. APC has been pointing accusing finger at PDP regarding insurgency, i think it is a welcomed idea if the international body could have them properly investigated.

  8. Think tank? Doesn’t Nigeria have its own experts and think tanks? Or are U telling me a visitor or stranger or even passers by know your house better than you do? I remember when so called think tank called IMF told IBB to implement the SAP that destroyed our economy. Do U think they are always right? Or have no selfish interest of their own? Forget any ye ye of so called international think tank jor

  9. Stop messing with our heads or should I say the heads of very clueless Nigerians. Show proofs and intelligence reports or findings… trust me there won’t be this much argument. Nonsense. When international think tank say APC is linked with boko HARAM without evidence some people will start yapping… when the same international think tank say GEJ regime is one of the most corrupt regime they will mutter something else… it seems we only chose to believe wats supports the conclusions we have made

  10. Before the think Thank, Nigerians know already that APC is involved one way or the other. The problem lies with our security forces to make arrest. we have always known it.

  11. Accurate research, not a surprise, Nigerians and the entire world already know it that APC is the backbone of boko haram.

  12. A UK think tank linking Boko Haram to APC and warning US off, appalling but not convincing. The last time a British security expert wrote a report on Saddam possessing WMD, one which was used as a basis to invade Iraq it turned to be a lie. It was such a scandal that the expert eventually committed suicide. Nigerians have to be wary of those who had predicted the demise of their country in 2015 and their allies not APC.

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