Fun Exercises For Getting Fit After Having A Baby

Fun Exercises For Getting Fit After Having A Baby

By Lifestyles | The Trent on January 14, 2014

by Karen Hewitt

Mother and Baby The Trent

First and foremost, make sure that you have been cleared by the doctor to get back into an exercise regime, this make take a little longer if you had to have a cesarean section like I did, it is always a good idea to get the go-ahead first. I want to make sure you understand that it took nine months for your body changes to happen they will not disappear overnight stop in fact you’ll find that your body may not return 100% to pre-pregnancy condition. You may have stretch marks, your hips maybe a little wider set and if you are nursing you may find that you have a larger bust line.

There are many benefits of exercising after baby, obviously the dropping the pregnancy weight however, it can also help prevent postpartum depression, increase your metabolism and give you an opportunity to do something for yourself.

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Athlete Stretching
There are many activities that you can do with your baby that also fall under the list of safe activities to complete. I would highly recommend that you invest in a good stroller, possibly a jogging stroller, so that way you can start off walking with baby and eventually break into a jog. The baby would enjoy the fresh air and probably enjoy good nap while you are running, walking or jogging. Keep your body moving!

Other fun exercises you can do with your baby include “baby bench press,” where you lay on your back, then holding your baby securely, you would slowly raise your arms until they are straight above your chest. Slowly lower your arms towards your chest, using your baby’s weight as a way to strengthen your arms. Remember to smile, laugh and talk to your baby the entire time! They will find it is as entertaining as you will find it a good exercise.

There are also many other exercises that you can do to gently get your body back into the “exercise world” including yoga, swimming and briskly walking.

A long day of shopping
You can even turn retail shopping into an exercise! Park your car at the opposite side of the parking lot to give yourself a little extra walking, and the shopping bags make great weights. The biggest thing to remember is you do not need to spend copious amounts of money to join a gym or by equipment to get back in shape. In fact, look around the home, there are many things (including your bundle of joy!) to help you lose weight.

Karen Hewitt is the blogger over at Crazy Stepford Wives, married for four years with three children ages three, two and two months old she shares a lot of frugal solutions, recipes and parenting ideas. With just having newborn fitness is on top mind right now so you will be seeing a lot a fitness related posts to enjoy. Karen is also a Sverve Influencer – check her our here. This article was published at Parade.


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