#GameChanger: Men May Go Obsolete As Sperm Can Now Be Produced In...

#GameChanger: Men May Go Obsolete As Sperm Can Now Be Produced In The Lab

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Fresh hope has emerged for the infertile men following the recent findings of a French researcher which deduced that human sperm cells have been created in a lab for the very first time.

But pause a second, the claims, according to Professor Allan Pacey, of Sheffield University, is yet to be scientifically proven though.

Experts have effortlessly tried to device a means through which the male fertility cells, known as spermatogonia could be turned into mature sperm.

The process which happens in the testes normally takes around 70 days in the body.

During this time, the bodies of some men suffer from nonobstructive azoospermia – or abnormal sperm production and will not be able to turn the sperm fertile.

Professor Pacey said, “This is a bold claim to make and we have had our fingers burnt before with people making this claim.

“Until I see a peer-reviewed scientific publication showing unequivocally that this has been done, I have to remain sceptical.

“Claims like this can often cause heartache for infertile couples who see them as hope only to have their hopes dashed later when it doesn’t translate into an available procedure.’

Even though the research suggests that this process can be replicated in a lab environment.

In a similar fashion, Isabelle Cuoc, CEO of Kallistem, said, “Kallistem is addressing a major issue whose impacts are felt worldwide: the treatment of male infertility.

“Our team is the first in the world to have developed the technology required to obtain fully formed spermatozoa [sperm] in vitro with sufficient yield for IVF.

“This is a major scientific outcome that enhances both our credibility and our development potential.

“We are targeting a global market worth several billion euros in which there are currently no players.’

However, Pacey, a male fertility expert from the University of Sheffield, has urged infertile men not to place high hopes on his new research as they may be dashed according to Metro UK.

He observed that cause such studies do not translate into readily available procedures and it could be some time before it becomes real.


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