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Gay Chef Ordered To Have SEX With Female Prostitute To Keep His Job

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A gay man has filed a suit against the manager of restaurant where he worked as a chef  because he propelled him to get down with a female prostitute to convince the rest of the staff that he was not gay in order not to lose his job.

The 40-year old man disclosed that the manager often harassed him while he worked in the restaurant in Rimini, Italy.

On the fateful day of the incident, he accepted the challenge just out of fear of losing his job.

According to World Wide Weird News, the man drove to a street where prostitutes are known to hang out and met a woman from Romania, named Marta who agreed to work with him.

He said, “We returned to the restaurant. My manager gave the prostitute $45 and told her what she had to do.”

While they were about to begin the session, the unidentified objected and said he felt as if “he was being raped.”

When they were out of the room, the gay man’s colleagues asked the prostitute how the encounter was and further quizzed to know his sexuality status.

Despite the challenge, the chef finally lost his job and this provoked a whole lot of people in the country.

A gay rights group known as LGBT rights group Arcigay, founded by Marco Toni, frowned at the discrimination against homosexuals and expressed hope that another restaurant would offer him a better job.

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