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[WATCH] Video Of 16-Year-Old Hit On The Head With Shovel In BIZARRE Girl Fight Goes Viral

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A nasty yard fight between two teenage girls in Ohio turned dirty after the belligerent 16-year-old behind the brawl was spectacularly smacked down by a shovel.

The teen is sent hurtling toward the pavement

The video quickly spread through all channels of social media, which Fugate stepping forward to identify herself as 'Shovel Girl'

Now Miranda Fugate, who proudly announced on social media that she ‘smokes weed for a living and is the the girl who got hit by a shovel’, has become something of an internet sensation – complete with a spin-off  Twitter account, Kendrick Lamar remix clip and even a hoax death – after a video of the crazy quarrel went viral.

Viral star: Miranda Fugate, seen here in her Facebook profile, is said to have intigated the fight, which is believed to have started over a boy

The fight – between Fugate and another girl, identified as Emily Powers – was filmed by a friend, whose name on video sharing site Vine is Josh Officer, with the original eight minute clip being uploaded to YouTube.

The footage, believed to have been shot in Vandalia, a suburb of Dayton, culminates with an enraged Powers, after repeatedly asking Fugate to ‘get off my property’, throwing a shovel that whacks Fugate dead in the back of the head.

Bulls-eye: The tool hits Fugate dead in the back of the head

As the video quickly spread online, with some dubbing it ‘the best fight ever’, an obviously-fake news story that Fugate had died as a result of the hit proliferated just as fast.

‘Miranda Fugate died of serious head injuries after being hit with a shovel in the head by an old friend of hers named Emily Powers,’ the story, which first appeared on curious website Huzlers, said.

‘At first, It only seemed like a minor head injury as Miranda also temporarily lost one ear’s hearing.

‘Suddenly, while watching Mean Girls at home that same day, Miranda collapsed and died instantly.

‘Doctors are saying she died of severe head trauma.’

Fugate soon took to Twitter to announce she was alive and well, posting: ‘I’M THE GIRL that got hit in the head with the shovel lol … ya’ll made me famous for getting hurt LMAO.’

Online murmurings said the scuffle started ‘over a boy’.

Charming: The 16-year-old says on her Twitter that she 'smokes weed for a living'

Ohio teen Miranda Fugate in today's internet sensation after taking an epic hit to the head by a shovel

‘I think I just broke my hand with your face, dude,’ Fugate says at one point.

‘I got a hard a– head,’ Powers replies.

‘I can tell,’ Fugate hits back.

After the fiery red-head gets knocked down, she scurries away to a nearby bush with her friends, saying she can’t hear out of one ear.

‘I beat her a– though, so it’s OK,’ Fugate says, with the video cutting shortly after.

 Earlier: The girls square up toward the start of their multiple-round fight
Afterwards, Fugate is sure she won the fight, after hitting and kicking Powers numerous times, despite being taken down by a shovel

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