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Okechukwu Ofili: The Invisible President [The Trent Voices]

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The problem with Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is communication.

From the top down, from him to his wife to his twitter governor, communication sucks. They run away from the media, avoid press conferences, set up debates against celebrities and if there are no celebrities, they debate themselves. That is how they got into power and now they continue that way believing that by avoiding the tough questions that they can somehow squeak past the finish line.

But the problem is that when there is that much silence, that much absence from the media, that space will be filled by noise. Noise from people making up stories, filling up the void with what they think. All the good work … if any that is being done will be drowned out by the noise from a confused citizenry and an equally confused media.

Nigeria needs their President more than ever, her ministers more than ever, her governors more than ever to embrace the lime light and communicate. Communicate with the people. We don’t want to hear from a President and First lady 20 days after an incident has happened and garnered international attention before they speak out. And no we don’t want to hear them only on those special holidays we want them to be spontaneous. To be visible not invisible.

If soldiers are being deployed show us the pictures , if new power plants are being built show it us and if shit goes bad tell us. Talk to us, engage the press, hold a town hall meeting regularly, tell people you care about their issues and see the difference!

Okechukwu Ofili is an author, speaker, and blogger and a The Trent Elite Voice. Follow him on twitterFacebook or subscribe to his blog for more honest talk and as @ofilispeaks on instagram for more sketches! To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. His third book How Intelligence Kills was published in December 2013, order it at https://bit.ly/intelligencekills.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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