Ladies, Here’s How You Can Change Your Life With Your Hair

Ladies, Here’s How You Can Change Your Life With Your Hair

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“A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair Is About to Change Her Life” – Coco Chanel

Do you like presents? Of course, you do, especially if they are wrapped in a beautiful paper, or box with a ribbon, butterfly or flower attached, don’t you? So, why do we think sometimes that the way we look is not really important and state passionately that our souls matter more than our look?

Women were born to appreciate the beauty and to look beautiful. We are all unique, original and special. Each of us has a particular fingerprint, and moreover, there is no voice on Earth, which was similar to someone else’s. We have our own design. However, sometimes our daily routine involves us into a stream of tasks and we forget about our look. Later on, we realize that we receive fewer compliments from the male part of the society and we become confused. We have no idea why we do not attract the right man and cry on the pillow at night without anyone to wipe our tears. This article is meant to make all your doubts about your look and soul disappear.

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We are what we feel

Did you notice that women who look beautiful get more paid jobs? You may be jealous of them, but you will agree that they are successful in their lives. We live in the world of men who manage this world and they have a system of already set rules. According to it, a woman who looks gorgeous has far more chances to be hired than the one who does not. The point is that we all look awesome, however, we should underline our beauty. We should find the things we are unique in and treat them as our peculiarities. Cosmetics and changing your long layers haircut can help you emphasize your soul state and shape it into the special form. It means that all women have mood swings and a woman who is in the mood of changing her life should have a proper haircut and look.

We are what we thought about ourselves

The philosopher Rene Descartes stated “Cogito ergo sum” or ” I think, therefore I am”. Dreams come true if we believe and act appropriately. If a woman wants to be successful and change her life, it would be better if she changed her look first. It’s not only about changing your hairstyle or clothes, it’s about transforming your ideas and ways of belief. It’s about the change of your attitude towards yourself. It’s all about beginning to consider yourself as a valuable and precious person, who is a gift to this world. We are all the reflections of our beliefs about ourselves in the past. We became what we thought about us earlier. Hence, if you transform your way of thinking from negative to positive, it will result in a change of your self-esteem and, it goes without saying, your look.

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Hollywood and music star, Janelle Monae
We are about to change our lives

The farmers know that if they want to reap the harvest, they have to plant a seed and water it first. Spending money and time on the way you look can be considered as a seed of your effort, which will grow into the fruit of complete changes in your life, using figurative language. We all want success, peace of mind, happy relationships so that we can invest in the future. Making a decision to cut your hair can become a huge investment in the prosperity of your life. Sometimes we tend to ignore the signs that tell us that we should stop immediately on our way of constant saving money, for example. For example, if your husband does not bring you flowers anymore, this is a moment to reevaluate the level of your self-acceptance. It is a common knowledge, that if a woman respects herself, she dresses and does her hair correspondingly so that others will respect her too.  

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Therefore, if you really want to change your life, it would be perfect if you treat yourself with love, kindness, wisdom, and admiration. Taking care of your look will bring more positively oriented people into your life. All new things attract the other new things. You may be surprised about the abundance of new acquaintances and achieving higher and more qualitative degree of relationships.

Coco Chanel knew that women are the gifts to the society, which should be packed in a proper way, opening the eyes of other people to the beauty of their hearts. What is more, wise men understand that the real beauty of the soul is reflected in the beauty of the look. That’s because they were born this way to appreciate the appearance first. Hence, if we really want to turn our life into a fairytale with a happy end, we have to take the rules of men’s world into account. And it’s not really difficult for us at all, to be honest.


  1. I love my short hair but sometimes wish I could wear it longer. I have very fine, thin hair and it just doesn’t grow much past my shoulders. So tones variants of bob like for me.
    I I think most older women should wear their hair short. I’ve noticed most older women with long hair wear very dated styles and it looks terrible! I’m sure there are exceptions to every rule though!

  2. Thanks for great article.I love natural up-do’s. I wish I was focused enough to replicate them on my hair… I always get lazy and just do my normal wash and go.

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