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Heartbroken Mother Forced To Exhume Dead Baby’s Corpse, Here Is Why (PHOTOS)

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A heartbroken mother could be forced to dig up her dead baby’s corpse after heartless thieves started stealing the toys that she placed on his grave, Metro UK reports.

42-year old Tracey Bolton, of Chaddesden, Derbyshire, lost her baby Jamie Godrich, six weeks after he was born in 2009.

However, some thieves have left her more devastated than she was after they began to steal the trinkets she had been placing at her son’s graveside for three years.

Bolton is now seriously considering to pay  £1,800 to exhume her son’s body and take it to a different cemetery.

She said: “It’s been going on for six years, ever since Jamie was buried, but it’s getting more and more recent over the past couple of months.

“These low-life robbers are stealing from a little baby – it makes me feel physically sick.’

“They’re the lowest of the low, they’ve got no conscience whatsoever.

“Putting toys at Jamie’s grave is the only thing I can do for him’

“Taking little trinkets is a comfort for us – we never got the chance to see him grow up and we can’t buy him Christmas or birthday presents, so little things like help us.

“But things are being consistently stolen and broken – it’s happening at least twice a week.

“I don’t care about the monetary value, it’s the sentimental value.

“They’re only little toys, I don’t know what value they would be to anyone anyway.

“When we planned the funeral and chose the cemetery, it was a comfort to know he would be so close by. But these robbers have destroyed that.

“You’re constantly grieving when you lose a child, and things like this just knock you right back to the beginning, it brings back all the pain and suffering.”

Derby City Council, who owns the cemetery, issued a statement, saying that he ‘deeply regrets the anguish being caused’ by the miscreants.

Below are some photos. (Click on any image to enlarge).

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