Photos Of Boko Haram Members Slaughtered By Military Forces?

Photos Of Boko Haram Members Slaughtered By Military Forces? [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

By Ekemini Ekwere | News Reporter on March 15, 2014
Nigerian soldiers arrive in Yola, Nigeria, 20 May 2013. Following the declaraton of a state of emergency in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states of Nigeria (Photo Credit: EPA/STR)

Terrorists today, March 14, 2014 attempted to break into Giwa Barracks, in Maiduguri to free their members who were detained by the military.

The attack was successfully repelled with heavy human casualty on the terrorists.

ALSO ON THE TRENT: UPDATE: Military Forces Foil Terrorists Attempt To Free Detained Colleagues In Maiduguri

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The defence headquarters earlier released photos from the operation alongside a press statement.

More photos have been published by popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, which is described as showing members of the terrorist group brutally slaughtered as their attacks were repelled by military forces. There are however no signs of military forces in the photos.

To view the very GRAPHIC IMAGES click here.


  1. Good one guys. I will like to roast one of the Boko Haram members alive while it is recorded on video. Please send one of them to me. That will give me max satisfaction.

  2. Why keep caught Boko Haram members in jail?. No need. Kill them immediately they are caught. Keepiing them attracts other members to fight for their release. Once they are interrogated within 2 hours, their lives should be ended.

  3. Charles u spoke my mind. It is an example of d dangerous and funny attitude of how Nigeria handles sensitive issues. For Gods sake why keep caught B Harm in jail? Once they are identified and established as terror B Haram by simple interrogation, they should be eliminated…they deserve to live among d dead not amongst d living.

  4. Charles and patner I have a question for you two, what if some of those people were civillians like you? Imagine yourself in their shoes innocent and they just kill you like that.

  5. These Boko Hatam fellas deserve no mercy. They don’t even know what they’re fighting for. Please get rid of them quickly.

  6. Thank God, this is a good news for Nigerians. It’s only a pity that the real people sponsoring them sit in their comfy homes and send them on missions to end lives. Long Live Nigeria

  7. It seem meko dnt understand what we are dealing with,dis people are terrorist n dey used religion as a starting point knowing dey will get sympathy from some people who dnt understand aw dey react.They are terrorist n shld be treated as one dey have alliance from mali libya somalia and the likes. The military must be vigilant and a step ahead of dis terrorist. Long live naija

  8. I can’t see the pictures of the slaughtered bh sect members. Heartless barbarians. If caught and found guilty, they should be fed with a dose of their own poison.
    I salute the courage of the JTF.

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