DSS Offered Bribe, Threatened Me, Then I Was Sacked From Rivers Tribunal...

DSS Offered Bribe, Threatened Me, Then I Was Sacked From Rivers Tribunal – Justice Pindiga

By Pius Godsday | Politics Reporter on October 27, 2015
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FILE: Opposition candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari waves to supporters after casting his vote in his home town of Daura, northern Nigeria Saturday, March 28, 2015. | Pius Utomi Ekpei/Getty Images

Justice Muazu Pindiga, the former chairman of the Rivers state governorship petitions tribunal who was removed under questionable circumstances has spoken up about the ordeal he went through just before he was dismissed as judge of the tribunal.

According to Premium Times News, Pindiga availed that two weeks before he was dismissed, he was threatened.He also revealed that soon after, there was an attempt to bribe him and later on he was sacked.

He said: “Two weeks before I was removed as chairman of the Tribunal, I got a call from an unknown number, asking for an appointment for us to meet in Kaduna. And I asked, what for?

“And the caller said, it’s on a need to know basis. That the details of the meeting would be made known to me in Kaduna. And I declined.

“The next was a call from the DSS, saying they were all expecting me at meeting in Kaduna. And demanded why I turned down the appointment. And I said, I’m a chairman of a Tribunal, and do not have the luxury to attend meetings. Especially one without an agenda.

“And the caller from DSS said there was a petition of fraud against me, in a case I handled in Kaduna in 2009. And I asked him to charge me accordingly, in line with the extant laws.

“I was called again by another caller; who apologised to me, on behalf of the DSS. And offered to compensate me for the harassment I received from the DSS, and rescheduled another meeting, in Kaduna. And I declined again.

“And the next was a letter removing me as the Chairman of the Rivers State governorship petitions tribunal, and replacing me with Justice Ambrosa. As is the practice, I offered to brief Justice Ambrosa, on the proceedings so far, but he said that won’t be necessary that he has been following the case.

“Now, on the judgement delivered by Justice Ambrosa; it will be unethical and unprofessional to denigrate, or condemn the judgement of a contemporary colleague.

“However, the Supreme Court has said, that for an election to be annulled, the petitioner has to prove that elections didn’t hold at the polling units, where the winner was returned elected. And I’m not sure that the Ambrosa’s judgement arrived through that route,” he reportedly narrated in the Facebook post.

Editor’s Note: Our reporter first saw this report on Elombah.com. The report referenced ‘Premium Times’ as the source. The Elombah reporter referred him to the Facebook page of the ‘Premium Times News’, which we have since discovered does not belong to Premium Times, the online newspaper. It identifies as a political organisation on Facebook. The administrator of the Premium Times News on Facebook insists that the contents of this report are true. Our legal counsel tells us that the code of conduct for judges does not permit them to grant press interviews on their judgements and if Justice Pindiga made these remarks, he most likely did not intend it for public consumption. We have considered pulling down this story in light of these findings, but decided against it because it has been widely shared and our readers would get an error message if they attempted to reference this report, an error message that would not explain the circumstances behind the decision to remove the story from our website. We would continue to investigate this story and come back with updates. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. The tribunal only played the script of its masters. So much greed and falsehood cannot lead to peace. Nigeria is changing from democracy to dictatorship, tyranny and anarchy. The elections in Rivers State were credible, free and fair. Rivers State is a strong PDP State. The voters will still vote for their candidates, if the Appeal/Supreme Courts are indifferent. Only the truth is true.

  2. The tribunal only played the script of its masters. So much greed and falsehood cannot lead to peace. Nigeria is changing from democracy to dictatorship, tyranny and anarchy. The elections in Rivers State were credible, free and fair. Rivers State is a strong PDP State. If the Appeal/Supreme Courts are indifferent, the voters will still vote for their candidates. Only the truth is true.

  3. stupidity its very obvious election in rivers was d worst during d last elections so all this is an after thought. If d government wanted to doctor this result they will have planned it from d onset. why now when it would make a scene. Again this judgement is for a rerun what APC wanted was a ban on wike for d violence during election which was not granted so a rerun is a fair deal

  4. I do not believe that the election in Rivers was the worst. Now they are questioning Jega’s credibility abi? Rivers is a strong source of oil and APC wants that hold. I have my doubts about this administration’s corruption fighting. Politics still being played at its highest. Let the whole world be involved in this and monitor all. PDP will win. Its a pity Amaechi is just playing the northern agenda in his own state. QUITE A PITY

  5. Pity Nigeria ,Buhari have killed this country,poverty is increasing seriously,Our worker doesn’t receive salaries again.states are been destroyed because of selfish desires of FG. political parties are His focus instead of Nigeria as country.criminals have becomes saints while innocents are oppressed.Nigerian let pray for God ‘s intervention.am not politician but I know for sure if FG will allow river state re elction to be free and fair,PDP will stil win because majority in river state hate APC with passion


  7. Wike APC has made people of Rivers state to love you the more, we have seen it as a challenge this time every pulling boot must count and call result before taking the boot out. Whether federal might or not Rivers state is for PDP

  8. Let not be sentiment over personal or political interest,the it was war between the presidency and River state or let me say River state Government,not a free and fair election

  9. Let not fool ourselves,the election in River state was a show of supremacy,show of power from the presidency and the state government, innocent soul was lost,families wept out in name of supremacy and power,where people were force to stay indoors,people were deprived of their electoral rights,is a show of shame.what I understand about Nigerian is that we like doing the right thing the right way,we never stand for the truth,we never want to do things the right way.how can we grow?the election in River state was not election but show of shame from people that called themselves our leaders.

  10. b4 u make coment why dont u go ad chek d origina news 4m premium tims. i belif we ar al educated ad we shoul verify b4 coment,

  11. It’s funny that ninety percent of the people who claim elections did not hold in Rivers State have never even been there before. Why have most of you not asked yourself why a seating governor could not deliver his state to his party. It’s because the people hate him and would never vote for anyone associated with him! Amechi was the only governor who did not hand over on May 29th. He sized all state owned cars, looted/vandalised the Rivers State government house, claimed the state owned jet which he now flies around in, he owed teachers for nine months, civil servants for four months, shut down state judiciary for nearly a year when they refused him installing a junior judge as state chief justice, declared almost two weeks public holiday in the state because a judge refused to receive bribe from him and insisted on returning the Obio/Akpor LGA chairman sacked unjustly by Amechi to office, he ignored court rulings several times when he was governor and went ahead to please himself and his loyalists- in short, this individual who ignorance people think is a saint, is actually a very self centred person who would do anything to get what he wants. He has betrayed and turned against every single person who has helped him politically, including Wike, so why would anyone think that Buhari’s case would be different? Rivers people know all his antics and would never support him or anything/anyone associated with him. Only those who receive crumbs romantic him still rally round him. Even if many people did not like Wise, the actions of APC government have further endeared him to the people, besides, within his first hundred days in office, he has open the courts in Rivers State, paid teachers and other civil servants, fixed most of the roads in the state Amechi left to rot, has cleared all the garbage left on the streets by refuse disposal contractors due to non payment by Amechi administration and is already giving a face lift to the city of Port Harcourt. Amechi spent eight years and billions of naira building a monorail project that is only one kilometre long!! These things are there in Port Harcourt for everyone to confirm. He is only being compensated for wrecking Rivers State to sponsor APC at the detriment of the people of the state. No one seems to think about the trauma parents went through when their kids were driven out of schools, or the plight of Rivers State student who were thrown out of schools abroad because the state government under Amechi stopped paying their tuition. FG can use whatever power they think they have, but no one should under estimate the resolve of the people of Rivers State to ensure that tyrants like Amechi are kept far away from their affairs. This is the true state of affairs in our beloved state.

  12. Shame on judges DAT ar corrupt nd hv taken bribe from d APC led govt,who told u that there is no election in rivers state, we all knw DAT there is election in d state, although there ar some irregularities in few LGA which is a normal thing in d whole federation including d Presidential election DAT brought Buhari to power, we d pple of d state is saying here dat no body can fool us including d APC, we ar for PDP,even re election, PDP will still win,and we will defend our votes to d end

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