Jose Mourinho Dares English FA, Chelsea Owner (CLICK)

Jose Mourinho Dares English FA, Chelsea Owner (CLICK)

By Augustine Ogwo | Staff Reporter on October 4, 2015
Chelsea FC Manager Jose Mourinho (Photo Credit: AP/Arturo Rodríguez)

English Premier League champions, Chelsea continued their terrible start to the 2015/2016 season on Saturday, October 3, 2015 when they suffered their sixth defeat of the season.

The Blues took the lead through Willian in the 10th minute through a superb free-kick from Willian but eventually lost the match 1-3 as visitors, Southampton leveled scores towards the end of the first half and scored two more goals in the second half.

After the game, Chelsea manager accused referees of not giving decisions in his team’s favour as he claimed the Blues deserved to be awarded a penalty for a perceived foul against Radamel Falcao. The Portuguese manager noted that he was not afraid if the FA decides to sanction him for his comments.

“Look, I think you know me. I think I don’t run away from responsibility. First of all I want to say that because we are in such a bad moment, you shouldn’t be afraid to be also honest. When we are in the top, I understand there is quite a big pleasure in putting us down. But when you are so down, I think it’s time to be a little bit honest and to say clearly, the referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea.

“The result at 1-1, there’s a huge penalty and once more, we don’t get it. And a penalty’s a crucial moment in the game, with the result at 1-1. I repeat, if the FA wants to punish me they can punish me, they don’t punish other managers, it’s not a problem for me. I want to repeat, my players deserve it. Chelsea fans deserve it. I am a Chelsea fan too. The referees are afraid to give decisions to Chelsea.

“Why? Because when they give there is always a question mark from you. There is always a question, always a critic. We are always punished. We are punished because Diego Costa is suspended. In other matches we see the same thing and it doesn’t happen. Clear penalties are not given. And with us, it’s one and one and one and one. Even in the Champions League, which is a game with not three officials but with five. We are not given a penalty in the last minute.

“This penalty in this game today is more than crucial. You know why? Because my team in this moment, the first negative thing that happens, the team collapses. Mentally, physiologically, the team is unbelievably down. It looks like good players are bad players. The first half was a game where we didn’t show our quality but we were more than in control. One mistake, a lack of concentration, one goal and you arrive at half-time.

“In normal circumstances you come to the second half and you do your game. I told the players at half-time ‘no panic, we are not losing 4-0’. The team comes with a good spirit and we have a penalty. The penalty is a giant penalty. And he was afraid to give it, like everyone else he was afraid to give it. After that the team lost even more confidence and you know that second goal is an individual mistake. Their third goal is another individual mistake. The team, mentally, they try and try but they collapse. They are in such a low moment that they collapse,” the 52-year-old carefully explained.

Mourinho went further to speak to Sky Sports about his future at Chelsea. He was quick to note that he would not run away from the challenge he currently faces at Stamford Bridge while stating clearly that the club’s management can go ahead and sack him if they want to.

“I can also know what you are thinking, what you are saying in the studio, what people imagine, what is going to happen, what isn’t going to happen. I want to make it clear… 1) I don’t run away; 2) If the club wants to sack me, they have to sack me because I am not running away from my responsibility, my team. To be champion is obviously very, very difficult because the distance is considerable. I am more than convinced that we will finish top four. If the season is so bad that you finish top four, it’s okay; 3) Even more important than the second, I think this is a crucial moment in the history of this club.

“You know why? If the club sacks me, they sack the best manager this club had. And secondly, the message is again the message of bad results. The manager is guilty. This is the message, not just these players, the other ones before, they got [the message] during a decade. This is a moment for everybody to assume their responsibilities. To stick together. This is what I want.

“The players still have to play until the end of the season with a gold champion thing in their shirt and I want to work, as always. I consider myself that I have a big self-esteem and big ego. I consider myself the best, leading the worst period of my career. The worst result of my career. Doing that as a professional hurts me a lot. Doing that at Chelsea hurts me twice. So I want to carry on, no doubt.

The charismatic Portuguese manager also urged the team to stick together and asked everyone at the club to assume their responsibilities.

“I assume my responsibilities, it’s time for everyone to assume their responsibilities. When you go down, to so many individual mistakes and fear to play, they have their responsibilities. Players that are performing really, really bad individually. I cannot come here and say ‘you and you and you’, is not my job, but I think it’s clear that we are being punished by too many individual mistakes.

“Sadness brings sadness. Bad results they attract bad results. The first mistake is just the first because after comes another one. They still need to finish the first half winning two-three nil, the fear disappears, we come into the second half and play with a free brain, a free spirit. This is what this team needs. Unfortunately for them this is not happening.

“And again I repeat, I want to make it clear again, I don’t want to be offensive. I don’t want to be non-polite. The referees are afraid to give decisions. When you are top, you want to see people come down. When you people is down, give us a break. Be honest and be loyal with us. The team deserves that. The penalty is clear. 2-1 is a complete different story. Okay? Thank you,” he concluded before walking away.

Football fans worldwide will be watching keenly to know what happens at Chelsea in the coming days.


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