Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: 18 Covenants Of Preservation For 2018

Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: 18 Covenants Of Preservation For 2018

By Nsikanabasi Ese | Inspiration on September 3, 2018
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Karios Moments is a weekly devotional published by Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese.

Psalm 89:34

It is not late for me to deliver this message for 2018. When we look back at our lives we can see the faithfulness of God. Don’t tell me that things are not rosy, or that God is not fair to you rather thank Him for your life and He will give you what to live with. I have a strong conviction that this year God is up to something in your life. He asked me to tell the elect that He will enforce His covenant in their lives and in 2018 they will be divinely compensated.

Let’s see what covenant means. Covenant has many definitions but simply put, it is a mutually binding agreement between two or more parties. Covenant is God’s place in man’s possession. Covenant is an agreement which brings about a commitment between God and His people. In covenant the two parties have things to do. Man’s responsibility in the covenant is to dwell in God’s presence (Psalm 91:1). Our God is not a promise keeper rather He is a covenant keeper. He cannot fail in His covenant for God is not a man that He should lie.

  • WHAT OTHERS FEAR WILL FEAR YOU IN 2018 (Genesis 9:2)

When a person is in a covenant with God he becomes a terror to the enemy. You cannot have God on your side and live in fear. God is telling you that what other people fear will fear you this year. Your arrival will make your mockers, gossipers and enemies quake and flee. Being in covenant with God makes you have a share of the dread of God. He makes your appearance intimidate your enemies. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind. I decree, what others run from will run from you this year.

  • GOD IS FOR YOU IN 2018 (Genesis 12:3)

Covenant provision is that whoever seeks to be blessed must bless you if they do otherwise, they will be cursed. God is saying that what people want me to do for you, I will do it to them. If they plan anything funny it will bounce back at them. Covenant makes God too committed to your success that He reacts to what others do to you. If they do good, good returns to them but if they wish you bad it backfires. The quickest way for your enemies to be blessed by your God is for them to bless you. I declare, anybody that thinks, plans or even imagine your downfall, their evil imagination will manifest in their lives.

  • YOU WILL HAVE UNENDING PEACE IN 2018 (Leviticus 26:6-8).

God has spoken concerning you in 2018 that he will not allow destruction to come near you. The devil may try but they will not succeed. I will preserve you from unjust men. God will frustrate your enemies and disappoint the counsel of the wicked. God by means of His covenant is giving you abundant peace. Note that Peace is not the absence of unrest but the ability to rest in the midst of unrest. Covenant provision of peace will secure your comfort and peace of mind even when people around you are facing discomfort. Men of covenant can never experience the same thing others are experiencing. I declare upon your life, whoever contends with your peace of mind may God arrange them out of sight.


People that operate under the coverage of covenant don’t accommodate sickness in their body. Covenant guarantees longevity and sustainability in life. You cannot die prematurely when you are in covenant with God. God does not live, He is life Himself. You cannot be in covenant agreement with God who is life and run short of life supply. There are things on earth that cannot be changed for instance, in 2018 people are bound to die while babies will also be born but people of covenant cannot die like that. I declare in 2018, you will not just live but you will live to the full.


Thus said the Lord you shall be in safety and enjoy divine security. Covenant provision will bring you unceasing increase that will make you forget your days of penury. Where you have toiled and suffered for years without results, God by the reason of His covenant will so compensate you that there will be no trace of suffering in your life. When God blesses a person He doesn’t allow the person look like his past. Those that are looking for your life shall not escape death. Whatever is looking for you will be cut short.

  • YOU WILL ENJOY THE SHIELD OF GOD IN 2018 (Psalm 33:18-20).

Throughout 2018, the eye of the Lord is upon you to shield you from danger. God is taking responsibility of your safety and protection all year round. Covenant is a shield that shades you from the scourging heat of life. A person under covenant can experience sweetness in life when others are not. When covenant is at work for you, evil cannot find you because the covenant provision becomes a shade covering you from them.

  • GOD WILL HIDE YOU FROM EVIL IN 2018 (Psalm 27:5-6).

The promises of God are ever true. By covenant, preservation and protection is guaranteed. Covenant becomes a pavilion to hide people of covenant from danger. When a car is involved in an accident and others die it’s only a person of covenant that can escape. God sends me to tell you that where death, lack, insecurity, sickness, affliction, demonic oppression etc is looking for people in town, it cannot find you because covenant hides you from their reach. A young man came to meet me in church and after discussing with him, he went home. That night, armed men invaded their compound and went straight to his landlord and dispossessed him of valuables and used machete on him. The testimony is that after doing same to other tenants, they entered his room and beat up his roommate but did not lift a finger at him. He was the only person that was not molested and his phones and other valuables were intact. That is what covenant can do. Evil came to others but covenant exempted him. I declare upon you, evil will not find you in 2018.

  • YOU ARE A TOUCH NOT OF THE LORD IN 2018 (Psalm 105:12)

Nobody touches the son of the Chief of Defense Staff and goes scot-free. Nobody harms the son of a president and lives in safety. God whom you are in a covenant with is greater than them all. He said that He is giving out a warning to that wicked chief, that stubborn witch, that heartless boss, that merciless oppressor, that blood thirsty altar that you are NOT to be touched by them. You are the apple of God’s eye. Your life is not at the disposal of your enemies. The enemy may touch you to bring dirt on your life, or to take away what is yours but Covenant has withdrawn the license from them. I declare in 2018, you are a touch not.

(…to be continued)

Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese
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