LADIES: 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Man

LADIES: 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Man

By Beauty And Tips on May 1, 2015
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One of the great things about having a boyfriend is that you can go out together, share new experiences and try new challenges. As we all know, going out on dates and sharing interests is a way to ensure that your relationship stays fresh and interesting for you both, so read these ten great ideas for fun things that you and your boyfriend can do together.


1. Workout together

Take the drudgery and boredom out of working out and do it together, with your boyfriend. When you work out together, it will be more fun and it will inspire you both to try harder. You could even make a friendly competition of it and see who makes the greatest improvement each month.

2. Take art classes

Another idea of fun things to do with your boyfriend is to take an art class. There are many different kinds of arts and crafts that you can do together as a couple, and it will give you a shared interest. Try something a little more unusual like glass blowing, sculpturing or learn to play a musical instrument together. It’ll be great fun and you’ll learn a new skill too.

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3. Go on a road trip

Next idea of fun things to do with your boyfriend is to go on a road trip together. Just throw a couple of bags in the back of the car and see where the road takes you! Travelling without planning or pre-booking can be really exciting and you’ll be amazed at the places that you can discover together. So, you may end up in a ‘less than prefect’ hotel, but that’s all a part of the fun.

4. Do some volunteering work

Have some fun and get the satisfaction that you are helping others by volunteering to work at a local shelter or on a charity project. When you do volunteer work you get to meet loads of new and interesting people, and it helps keep your own feet firmly on the ground too.

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5. Try a new cuisine every week

Broaden your horizons and try a new kind of restaurant, every time you go out for a meal, or cook something new together at home. Every nation has its own style of cuisine and its own signature dish, so look around for types of food you’ve never tried before and give something new a try.

6. Have a night at the opera

Another great idea of fun things to do with your boyfriend is to have a night at the opera. Don’t just assume that you will hate opera or the ballet, give it a try and find out for sure! Upmarket events like these are a great excuse to get dressed in your finest clothes and to get him in a tuxedo. You never know, you might even find that you have a new interest that you can share with your boyfriend.

7. Play a team sport together

Take up a sport that you can play as a couple like badminton, tennis or squash. Playing as a team, you could join a club or even compete in a league, and it will be something that you accomplish together.

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8. Have a picnic

Another great idea of fun things to do with your boyfriend is to have a picnic in your local park together. Prepare a bottle of champagne, strawberries and cream, and enjoy the sunshine, laughter and romantic, bubbly moment together.

9. Go skating

You can go skating all year round and, if you’ve never tried it before, you will have great fun watching each other fall over! Rollerblading or ice skating is a great couple’s activity and it will help keep you in shape too.


10. Go to a casino

Another idea of fun things to do with your boyfriend is a great night out in a glitzy casino. In a top class casino you get the thrill of the risk, the glamour of the surroundings and top notch entertainment too. Just be careful to set your budget though and don’t get carried away!

Do you have other ideas of fun things to do with your boyfriend?

Stay happy!

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